Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015 - Week 12

Dearest Family,

What´s going on ya´ll?? How cool that you guys got to go up to Provo and spend some time with a few generations of Andros´ before Grandma and Grandpa jet out to the Eastern World this week! I have definitely had them in my prayers and thoughts but I know that they´ll really thrive in their positions. Really, I think they were built for that. That is so great to hear that everyone is doing so well (Including BYU football, who seems to make a living off of late game thrillers this year!) Make sure to always send my love to everyone! 

With regards to my week, there were some pretty cool happenings. We are teaching this lady who is going through a lot of tough times in her life, but is seeking to change. Her 15 year old daughter just left her family on a whim and moved to Hermosillo with her boyfriend and the mom has been really struggling coming to grips with that, along with other things. It is difficult to catch her at times when we´re able to teach because she and her brother are both gone a lot, but we´ve had some very spiritual lessons with her. Our other investigator was sick this week, but we are gonna pass by to see him and pray for the best this week. We continue to teach another family, but only with limited visits because they´re so busy. The good news is that we are teaching other people and fill a lot of our time teaching inactive members. 

One of the bright spots of my week came on Saturday night. At 4:00 we had a lesson with woman named Angela, we taught the BoM and a little bit of the restoration. She was very engaged and asked some great, sincere questions throughout the whole lesson. We then invited her to a Mexican cultural event  that was at 5:00. (Transmitted at the Stake Center as part of the rededication of the Mx. City temple), not having our expectations super high with such little notice. To our delight, she accepted the invitation and we brought her along with us. The event was awesome, and was all about the Book of Mormon and the things we had just taught her. There was a baptism in the church directly after the event, that she also attended. It was really quite the blessing that she could see all of that. 

We didn´t have our regular church schedule yesterday, but instead got to watch the rededication of the Mx. City temple. Really powerful spirit that was there, and it was very nice to be able to hear Henry B Eyring and Jeffrey R Holland speak in English haha. They all gave great talks, and it was a sweet experience. Yesterday also marked the end of the first transfer out in the field. There was a certain buzz in the air all weekend as all the missionaries anticipated the transfer assignments, it´s all a little bit comical, haha. As far as transfers go, my companion and I are both staying put in Esperanza for another 6 weeks. I have a lot of faith that this will be another great 6 weeks with him. 

I had the opportunity to try some unique meals these past few days. Yesterday we had cow heart tacos. Surprisingly, they were actually pretty good. It pretty much tastes like a lower grade of carne asada, which I guess it is. It also helped that I was able to drown my tacos in salsa and guacamole, but hey, all in all, I was very pleasantly suprised the meal. The other day we were in a house and given these sandwiches with tuna, lettuce, and salsa. But they were prepared the day before and so the bread was very soggy and tuna is not my first preference as is. And those tasted exactly how you would expect. Haha but it was all good. The food here has been great, and even when I have a meal that I wouldn´t choose to eat, the people prepared it with love in their hearts to help us as the Lord´s servants, which is so great in and of itself. 

To answer your questions, the apartment handles rain just fine. I don´t know how long the rainy season is to be honest. And my feet are doing just fine save it be for a lot of mosquito bites. Everything here continues to get better by the day. There are always going to be things that happen that aren´t perfect but we can´t grow if we never experience adversity. I continue to try and learn to embrace the difficult occurrences as learning experiences and opportunities for growth in my life, both spiritually, and physically. Things here are great and it´s important to remember that the light of Christ dwells in each one of the people we come in contact with in this life. The atonement is sufficient for everyone of us. Keep up the great work at home and know that I love you always. 

With Love and Prayers,

Elder Stockard

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