Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, October 31, 2016

October 31, 2016 - Week 71


Thanks so much for sending the pics of the pumpkin carving. I guess the holiday season is now starting officially, huh?? It is really fun having Elder Osborn as a companion all of the time, but especially during the classic American holidays like Halloween. Today to celebrate, we had a zone activity and a lot of us dressed up. It was really fun, it's still super hot here so everyone wanted to be inside the AC and we played a bunch of games together as a zone!

Thanks so much for sharing the update about the treatments. I feel like I've just gotten the summary of what's happened and maybe only the big highlights, and the others are all there to get more of the play by play, but it really has been something that I've had present in my mind and my prayers to our Heavenly Father. It´s great to see all the tender mercies and the way you have dealt with it. It is a big testimony builder of the spiritual truth that the happiness we have has little or nothing to do with the surrounding circumstances. So with all that, I will continue to have you constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I know things will all work out how they should though.

So this last week was great because we continued to see how some of the people we´re teaching are repenting and changing their lives. Emilio was baptized on Saturday and comfirmed on Sunday. His son and mom are preparing for their baptism on the 12th of November. Also we are teaching two others who are preparing to be baptized on the 12th. We want to have a really awesome baptismal service which would be really cool because it's presumably my last day in Navojoa, so I would love to go out that way. We are also finding a lot of great new people. It's always such a process but it's fun.

I'm really glad to hear that Courtney is such a great addition to the family. I feel like I pretty much should know her because I've heard so many good things about her for the last 3 years haha. But that's good, that makes me really happy. Like you said, I only get one sister in law so I'm glad its her haha! I often feel the same way with people who I meet here on the mission. That I just grow such an appreciation and love for them. So it is kinda sad to think that soon the day will come where I will have to say goodbye, at least temporarily to them. But that is a great blessing of being a missionary. Developing a love for the people we are here to serve. #Blessed lol.

Well, I'm so glad to hear about all the good spirits and the good news from you all. You really are the biggest blessing I will ever have in my life. I love you all so much and hope you all have an amazing week. Thanks for all the letters :)

Love and Prayers,


Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24, 2016 - Week 70


70 weeks huh?? Pretty crazy, right? Well I'm glad to hear that you guys had a good week, now I guess it´s back to the normal schedule of school and work haha. This week was also really enjoyable here too. We had a pretty crazy week, traveling all around the zone trying to support and help out the other missionaries with their areas and investigators. It was really tiring but fulfilling. The heat still persists, and it looks like it will take us into November in the 100´s. I'm not gonna lie, I thought that I had survived the hottest part of the year, but I think the Lord wants to make sure I don't get too comfortable haha. That's cool that you all spoke in church. I actually spoke in church as well. I spoke about trying to always have an eternal perspective in all things. 

Thanks so much for sending all the pictures, you guys all look so good! I promise you guys I'll send some pictures soon. I lost the cable to my camera, and so I've just had them on my SD card. But this week was really awesome. We started working with the parents of 2 recent converts. They are great and very excited about everything we are teaching them, just the only problem is that they live in a small town 40 minutes away from Navojoa. But they have come to church the last few weeks. We have also been working hard with our other investigators.  Emilio is actually getting baptized this Saturday and is very excited. He's read almost all the Book of Mormon and made some very incredible changes in his life. The other two also went to church and are progressing very well. They are planning on getting baptized the following week! As for Rosie and Jared, they moved to Tijuana apparently. It is really disappointing because they were completely ready for baptism. But I hope they will continue in Tijuana. 

Yesterday we went to a baptism here in Navojoa of another lady. As I was there, a guy who looked like he was like 24 asked me if I would take a picture with him. He then told me he was gonna send it to Tommy, and that he had served in Tampico with him. He had very high praises for Tommy and was really excited to talk to me about what he was up to. It's always cool to have little connections with my family or my past life. 

So how are things going down with the elections? Who will win most likely? That's pretty crazy to see pics of Alyssa voting, and seeing Kylie in pics with her driver's license. I swear those girls are like 14 and 16!! Weird how the time passes. Also Thanks for sending me the pics for Gma's 70th birthday!! I love Grandma because she has always shown me what it is to be loving!

Mom, I hope you have a great week and that the doctor gives you lots of great news and help with your eyes. It might take a while to get everything back to normal but I have no doubt that the treatments will all work!!

Well we are going to continue working hard and taking advantage of every moment we can here!! I love you all thanks so much for your updates and support. Lots of Love....


October 17, 2016 - Week 69


Whats good errybody? So you're all on fall break? This is an unheard of concept by me, but that is really cool. Is it for a whole week? It sounds like you all got a much needed, and very heavy rain yesterday?? I'm glad that didn't deter you from beating Dad in the steps contest lol. To answer your question about the seasons here, no there isn't much changing in the color of the leaves, nor are there many trees with leaves like we´re used to in the states. But wow that's true you're entering that season of fires and pumpkin flavored things. Also, yes you're right the pumpkin spice flavored things are totally not a Mexican tradition. There are other things though, hot chocolate, fortunately is a popular choice. Although we´re still a ways from thinking about that haha. We stayed in the triple digits this week. Which I'm fine with, I take the heat 100x over the cold haha.

But wow this week was really great!! It seemed like people were almost always available to recieve us and accepting of our message. We ended up with 7 people in church! It was great. We are working with 3 families. I don't remember if I told you about them before or not. But they are reading the BoM and they went to church yesterday and really loving the church. We also kept working with the two brothers and now their mom is listening too, she actually went to church too. They have some problems in their lives but nothing the true and restored gospel of Christ can't fix. Aside from that, Rosie and Jared got back from Tijuana this week and we are trying to get all the details of their baptism worked out for this month. Many times we need lots of divine help, but so often it comes and its a real testament to the truthfulness of the work we are here doing.

This last week we also had our zone conference... We had had so many things to do leading up to that and it was kinda the end of all the business, and the conference went really well. President Myers spoke to us and I honestly wish I would just absorb every word he says when he speaks and teaches. He motivates me really well to be a good missionary for the right purposes. He shared a scripture from the book of Revelations chapter 3 that talks about how Jesus knocks at the door and calls to us, but it's us that have to let Him in. A good scripture to reflect on. Anyway, I am just really really grateful that we have such awesome mission presidents like him and Hermana Myers who really are inspired leaders for us.

I'm glad that you guys are also taking initiative to share the gospel. Really it is the best gift you can give someone. Maybe you guys could do like a family home evening or just an activity and invite a family and the missionaires over to just do something simple. That helps people more than we sometimes realize. But I have no doubt you guys will continue to be great member missionaries. Also, congrats on finishing the book of mormon!! I'm coming up on finishing it too. I wanna do it in the next month!

Oh and as far as the Christmas package... I like the candy like Starburts, and Tootsie rolls. I would also like to receive some solid ties. We are allowed to wear skinny ties as well so don't be afraid to send those. Haha but anything you guys see fit, will be perfect. I think I'm good on deodorant. I love you all, and will be praying for you. Keep up the great work!!! The church is true!!

All Love,

Elder Stockard

Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10, 2016 - Week 68


How is everyone?? I'm so glad to hear about your guys Fast Sunday being an enjoyable experience. It really is a special time and a wonderful opportunity to receive blessings from our Heavenly Father. That I am very sure of! Wow today I was thinking about it being Tommy´s birthday and how old he is getting!! I have a brother who´s 24 haha pretty crazy. Big birthday shoutout to him. I told him that since I've been out of the country for his last 2 birthdays, we will have to do the next one super big. I remember the first snowfall on his birthday a few years ago too. I imagine that wasn't the case this year but you're probably not too far off. I am really liking the weather here as of now.. Its low 90´s but seems a lot cooler with the stark contrast of the last several months climate.

I can imagine that everything is getting kinda hectic with the election. The other day there was a former missionary who returned here to Navajoa, Elder Hilton who was in my district at the beginning of my mission, and his parents were with him. They went to an activity at the church and we talked to his parents for a bit and it was funny to hear about everything that's going on in the US. It was also just really funny to be having an all English conversation with two Americans while being in Navojoa Sonora. Super random lol.

As far as the work goes with our investigators, there were definite positives and negatives. Lots of times, the investigators you have that feel the spirit and start off so well, and then other things start to happen, most the times things they hear or their family or for 100 other different reasons, they start to get tempted to stop the thing that will bring them so much good. And many times they fall into that temptation which is really sad to see. But the investigators that stay strong despite of all the outside forces are so awesome to see progress. We had a little bit of the both this week and we´re really grateful for the blessings of seeing the gospel work effectively in the lives of those we´re blessed to teach. On Saturday night, we found Emilio and his son, Juan Pablo. They were very excited to hear from us, and they went to church yesterday and it was really awesome to see. We´re gonna continue working hard to find those who the Lord has prepared for us!!

Today we got together with the zone and played some card games, a little bit of sports, and then we made hamburgers that were really delicious. Ive been in this zone for more than the average amount of time, according to whats normal so its been funny to see how it changes over time. I really like the new people who have arrived here though. Lots of great friends to be made thats for sure.

So for Tommy´s birthday make sure you guys do something really awesome. It's always a little hard to think back and know that its a day of so many great memories from years past. But I'm so happy to be here doing exactly what I'm doing now! Just as long as you promise to keep the new car for me when I get back ;) Lol. Well I love you all so much, I'm so lucky to be blessed with each of you as my family! Have an incredible week and know that you're in my prayers :) Love you all.

Elder Stockard

Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3, 2016 - Week 67


What up family??! How are you all doing? Well yesterday, we received the transfer info and I am writing you all from....... Navojoa Sonora! I'm gonna be staying here for another transfer and with Elder Osborn again, I am very pleased with it. I will tell you more about what's going on in Navojoa. But how are things back in good old Fallon?? Sounds like you haven't missed a beat. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALYSSA!! Wow i was just kinda reflecting yesterday when I knew it was her birthday about how she was 16 and  a half when I left, and now shes 18!!! And now Tommy is gonna be 24 but I left him at 22. I sometimes meet ´people here on the mission who are those ages and it is so weird to think to myself that my siblings are that age now. But, a very warm birthday wish to the both of them. Are you all going to see Tommy for his birthday? 

So I would like to touch on what happened a little bit this week.. We were able to find two amazing families. The first one was funny, we actually met them a couple weeks ago, but really started teaching them this past week. We met them because we knocked the wrong door, and then as we were leaving, I asked her if I could use her bathroom. (it was right after a large lunch, so you can imagine that beg would probably be a more accurate verb choice, considering my urgency level). So anyways, we returned this week and the mother, Lupita, has been doing everything we´ve invited her to do and is seeing the results. She is praying, reading and loving the Book of Mormon, and wanting for all of her family to do them same. The husband is coming along too, I have no doubt that he will do the same. And they have 3 kids too. The other family was a friend of another convert. She invited us to go over to eat at her house, and also invited her friend and her kids. They went to church together and heard the words from the apostles and prophet, which isn't a bad way to start off her journey in the church. As for the baptisms we had planned this week, well they had to go out of town and we haven't been able to see them the whole week. I really am not sure when they'll be back but I know that it will all work out no matter what. 

So with the conference, wow what an amazing experience, Like always to hear the words of the living Prophet of God and His apostles. It is interesting to see and hear our dear prophet speak to us. It reminds me of a piece of advice that Elder Bednar received from Elder Hales that he mentioned a few conferences ago. when you can no longer do all you want, you only do what matters most. We see that Pres Monson can no longer say all he once could, but his short messages are exactly what God wants His children to hear most. Interesting the two topics he chose to give to the whole world, and undoubtedly the blessings are unimaginable if we can take heed to his words, and those of the apostles. I really enjoy hearing those words and seeing my testimony grow of the Living Christ that directs His church. I enjoyed the messages from Elders Christoferson and Renlund. Very wise insights. I feel like there was a little BoM theme and plan of happiness theme. I couldn't help but remember all the times you read us the book of Mormon, and this conference during the talk about the little boy telling his mom that he wasn't listening, and his mom telling him she was doing it for his benefit, I really realized what a huge act of love that was when you so lovingly read the book of Mormon with us every single day. Thank you, Mom. 

So other than that everything here is pretty business as usual. This weekend I had to say goodbye to some of my very good friends I've met here, who are returning to their homes today after finishing their missions. Although they're scattered all over the western hemisphere, I am glad to be able to be in contact with them for what I hope will be a long time. Many of the missionaries who left today were some of my earliest friends here and had very little time as I was starting, it is really kinda weird. Haha the mission is kinda like high school where it all just goes by quickly and you see your good friends finish and move on. I hope that I can make the most of the time that I have left. 

Well I love you all so much, I miss you and pray for you. But I know you're doing awesome!! Keep striving to be more like Christ everyday.