Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, September 12, 2016

September 12, 2016 - Week 64

Dearest Family,

How is everyone doing?? Today we have had a pretty relaxed Pday, we actually went bowling again which is pretty fun. I had never really played much at home, but now I'm pretty good. I bowled a 167 today haha. And last week was full of ups and a few downs but it ended up really great. I'm glad to hear you're keeping yourself busy as well, the time seems to fly by when we have a lot of things to do, something I had always heard and now I am really starting to see that it is 100% true!

So I'm gonna tell you a little bit about our week! So many kids in this area have been sick and incapacitated in these past few weeks, and during the week it hit my companion. He had the flu for like two days so we were pretty limited on time spent outside the house. Then later in the week we started working really hard and found some great people. But it was so weird, 5 of our best investigators had to leave town this week for a variety of reasons. it was disappointing, because a lot of them couldn't go to church, but we did have one who went. Her name is Alejandra, and all of her family are members, except her. She just moved here from Guadalajara (Think the distance from Reno to Phoenix) and she is ready to be baptized. It was amazing how the Lord put her in our path and prepared her and is helping us meet our goals that we set. She will be baptized next week!

Later in the week, we had a conference with like 75 missionaries and were able to listen to elder Jose Fernandez from the 70, who told us about his conversion story and how we can help so many kids like him to find true happiness in their lives. There were also many missionaries there that I don't normally see, but we got to see them and catch up, which was a positive. I saw missionaries who are finishing their missions, who were still relatively new when I first met them, which was really weird. I've made some awesome friends in the mission, that I hope to keep up with for a long time.

Did you tell me where Thomas Robertson is serving his mission? Is it Japan? Wow, that's really cool, it´s great to see other kids leaving and knowing that they're getting themselves into a whole lot of great experiences. So when my comp was sick it gave me a lot of time to study and to think of all the ways that the Lord has blessed me, and then people around me in these months as a missionary. We usually don't have so much time to think and reflect, but it was a nice little switch up. The mission has been, and I know it will continue to be a blessing in my life forever.

This week coming up is the Mexican independence day, my 2nd one here in Mexico! Its the 16th, this Friday. Our ward is planning an activity and It should really help us to get our investigators out there and meeting the other members. And its always a huge plus when food is supplied, and fortunately, that will be the case at this event lol. It really is so hard to believe that yesterday marks the 15 year anniversary of 9/11. I was only 5 but I still do remember that day, and running into your room and seeing you crying and then hugging me.

Well family, I'm doing great and loving the work. This week, a hurricane hit the Gulf of Mexico, and we saw some of the effects, mostly just rainstorms, but the streets were all filled with water. So at 8:45, Elder Osborn and I treaded through knee level water to get back home as the rain drenched us from above and just laughed at how it was such a unique experience to be having! I hope you know I'm doing great, and I do miss you all and love you all. Thanks for the support and undying love!



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