Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016 - Week 51

Dear Mom,

What's up family? It sure sounds like y'all had a busy week. I guess going to Utah like 3 times in one week will occupy a good amount of time, haha. But I'm glad that everything went well and maybe this week will be a little bit more chill, haha. And things are moving right along with the renovation of the living room, that is going to be so weird to see when I get back, haha. So in October with your treatment and medication ending, will that be the end of all this or will there be another round or some other sort of treatment? Because I don't remember super well, but I thought it was going to last for like 2 years or something. 

So our week here was good. I think we´re getting a little bit more used to the heat once again and it didn't feel as draining this week which was a huge plus. Although I'm pretty sure it was just as hot. The work is good though. We´re still working with a few families and other people. We found this one guy named Juan Carlos this week and he actually helped us find an address we were looking for, then told us to go to his house another day. We found him, taught him a couple times with members and we had a lesson in the church, and on Sunday he didn't show up to church and we haven't been able to hear anything from him since then. It was kinda frustrating, but I'm sure it will work out. We have a baptism planned for the next week with this kid named Luis... Some of his family is less active and he and his family are going to church once again and he's excited for his baptism the next Saturday, as are we :) 

Super exciting that Tanner got home! Big shout out. There are a ton of friends I have here in the mission that are in similar situations with overlapping missions with siblings. But that's sick that the Fialas got a few weeks together as a family. Brandon and Jacob will have the time of their lives on the mission though, I'm super excited for them. I got an email from Ryan Hazelgren who just started his mission and it really is such a great, unique experience. So how are the Landreths liking the new setup in Reno? I'm sure all the family gatherings will be super sick with 3 families there once again. 

Anyways, Mom, Sunday is your birthday and and I won't be able to be there, (but i will be at the next one !!) But I want to wish you a very happy birthday and I want you to know that you're the biggest gift I could have in my life. This past week with the new area and new setting and I had a little bit of an upset stomach, and last night as I got back to the house I found myself focusing a little bit too much on the negatives, even though in that moment I didn't quite realize that. But anyway, the point is that I wasn't seeing the positive in every situation and I laid down on my bed and decided to read the letter you wrote me the day I left one year ago.  (I didn't remember a single word it said, and I hadn't read it since the day you gave it to me) You told me to only focus on the positive and I'll begin to see everything more positively and I was so grateful for you as my mom in that moment. Anyways, thanks so much for writing me and know that I love you, have a awesome birthday and send a lot of love to dad for Father's Day. I love you all!!


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