Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016 - Week 52

Dear Family,

Hey week 52, one year down already?? Pretty crazy huh, y pretty quick. I really liked your advice and appreciate the encouragement. The time is really limited and its important to make the most of every second we have. I will definitely want to improve and continue to learn from everything in the mission. Although I can definitively say that this has been the weirdest and at times most trying year of my life, I have loved my time and cherish the time and things I've learned and seen in my mission and can't wait to continue learning and seeing amazing things every day as we work for the Lord.

But man y'all got a busy week coming up. I feel like you guys go on more vacations now that I'm not there hahaha. That's so sick you guys are going to Hawaii that'll be so fun, and although Dad might be hesitant now, he'll love it I'm sure lol. 

So this week went really well. We´ve been working with Luis and his family to get them active again. His family is less active and he never got baptized, but they've been going to church and we are going to have Luis´ baptism this weekend. We also have been working with Juan Carlos who is a college student who lives alone and is superrr sick. He is super ready to be a great quality convert, but there's just one problem we´re trying to work with.. And that is that he is unsure of whether he will be moving to Mazatlan (which is a large tourist city like 15 hours away) this month or not. So that is the only question, and if he can stay here somehow we will be having his baptism probably on my birthday in a couple weeks. So we are hoping for that, but whether he is here in Sonora or in Mazatlan, I'm confident he will continue faithfully in the church. We are also teaching this woman named Elizabeth and she went to church yesterday, and arranged her schedule to show up a little late to a Father's day celebration so that she could go. So that was really encouraging. 

This week we did companionship exchanges with Elder Beecher who has been one of my closest friends here since the MTC. It was so much fun to work with him and we stayed up way too late reminiscing and laughing about so many mission memories but it was so fun haha. The next day we got up at 5:00 AM to prepare a baptism and that's when we were regretting it a little bit but it was fun lol. This week we are also having our last meeting with President Munive since hes going home after 3 years. I have really appreciated what he and his family have done for all of us as missionaries, and he has 3 children so I know it cannot have been easy. We have our last meeting with him on Wednesday in Obregon, then President Myers will arrive, and I'm excited to meet him and see what we´ll learn from him. 

Well, one year down and one more to go! It's been great and really it's gone by too fast. I'm sure it will continue to fly but in the meantime I'm excited and grateful to have one more year left. Also to have 2 cousins who are starting their missions. It's a great work and the most important in the world! And it's led by the Lord!! I love you all and can't wait to hear from y'all from Hawaii next week!!


Elder Stockard

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