Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, June 13, 2016

June 6, 2016 - Week 50


Hey what's up family, how ya´ll doing?? I hope you're all enjoying a much more mild climate than what I'm in right now, but seeing that you're in Utah, I'm sure that is the case. Navojoa is really sweet, but it is SOOO HOTTTTT here, haha. Like 110, and supposedly it's just getting started. I'm glad that Alyssa can go to EFY and meet a lot of new people. It'll be a fun week I'm sure, and you guys just gotta find stuff to entertain you while you're up there, which I'm sure will not be too much of a task. I hope that you can keep getting the treatment that you need to with your eyes... is there any possible surgery involved? Either way, I'm sure the doctors will know best how to solve it and you'll be back up in no time at all, are you still driving?? 

Anyways, this first week in Navojoa was pretty chill. The city is kinda medium sized, reminds me a little bit of Fallon. At the beginning, the first couple of weeks, you always feel a little bit disoriented because you don't always know the people you're visiting, or where you're at and you're kind of at the mercy of your companion. But we´re having a lot of success here and there're a lot of great people were working with. We are planning the baptisms for this family at the end of this month. They're super cool and learning a lot. I'll have a lot more details with the people we´re working with this week, like I told you last week, we got here late Tuesday night and had a few meetings this week so I barely had time to meet all the people we´re teaching haha.

So the zone we´re in has like 12 companionships and at the beginning of each month we all meet together and set goals for the month and focus in on a few things that we need to improve. This week we focused on the Book of Mormon and the Holy Ghost. It's interesting because with all the commandments and the blessings and promises that we know, it can all come back to the Book of Mormon and the fact that any person can find out whether it is true or not. Then today we all got together as a zone and had a few games and ate Little Ceasar's pizza after. We get along really well and I'm excited for this time we´ll be together. 

Okay, we´ll see when I get the birthday package. I think it'll be a little bit more than 1 week, but maybe a little bit closer to a month. It's kinda hard to tell because I never actually know for sure when they arrive in the offices. But thanks so much for sending it, so weird that it'll be my 2nd birthday on the mission and that I'm gonna be 20 years old. Where does the time go? lol. Well I hope all goes well with everything this week, send the Landreths a lot of love and a warm welcome to Reno on my part. I love you all and hope you have a great week, until next week!! 



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