Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 4, 2016 - Week 54


Happy 4th of July!!!! Also, Happy Birthday, Lauren!!!! Pretty weird that for the 2nd year in a row, I did not celebrate 4th of July with the normal jam berry bagels and American flag fruit tray, but for the next year we´ll have to hit that up lol! We got together with the other missionaries in our ward and cooked ribs and made lemonade to celebrate the 4th, and also some quesadillas because we still are on Mexican soil. It was really fun though. 

So how has your guys crazy week been?? You've been all over the place mom, I'm so excited that you will be coming to Mexico tomorrow!! You're going to love it! Get a good mental picture of how you think its gonna be, and it's fun to see how it is really different. At least for me it was. Kinda cool that you'll be in Mexico City for a day, that's actually where I spent a part of my mission. It's huge, but I'm sure we´ll cross some of the same ground, at least the airport, lol.

So this week was really good. Our new mission Pres, President Myers and his wife got here and we had a couple of meetings with them. They're so awesome and told us that they've been dreaming of the moment when they finally got to meet us for the last 10 months, and that they'd been praying for us a lot. I'm really excited for what they're gonna do and I am sure they will change many lives in their 3 years here, just like the Munives did. So that was the big news for the week. We are working with this kid named Reuben, he's like 18 years old and super chill, and really likes sports too. We´re working with him, and his friend Jose (who is a less active member) and I feel like they're really good friends and that we all learn a lot together which is fun. 

This week is the last one of the transfer and we really have no idea how the transfers will go with the new administration haha. But Its possible that I'll write you guys from a different area next week haha. This week we have some more meetings with other missionaries and we are also gonna go to a few different areas to work with the other missionaries. I always like doing that because you get to meet more people and see what is working with other companionships. So it should be a good week coming up I'm excited! 

Mom, I really wanna hear your thoughts and what you guys did and ate and liked about this trip this week! You're gonna be here for a long time, I really think you're gonna like it. Also I wanna see a good amount of pics from the 4th of July hang out. Those are my 2 requests, haha. This week and the week of Christmas were always the 2 best of the year!! So weird that Lauren is now 22 years old. Its weird cause I feel like after being married for a year and a half and in medical school, that she should be older haha. And its also so weird that I'm gonna be 20 this week!! Weird because I still feel like I'm like 17 and not ready to enter my 20´s lol. But like always, you guys and your love and support are the best birthday gift I could ever ask for and I love you all so much!! Cant wait to talk in a week. Have an awesome time in Mexico and 4th of July!! 

Love you all!!!


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