Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Sunday, July 17, 2016

June 27, 2016 - Week 53


Hey so I'm not gonna have a ton of time this week. We just got back to Navojoa after going up to a city about 2 hours north of Obregon, Guaymas, to sort everything out with the renewal of our visas. We left last night and stayed in Obregon and today we headed up there super early with all the Americans who arrived in the MTC with me one year ago. It was such a fun time to just all be together and be with the Downs. We got everything sorted out then hit Papa Johns pizza for lunch and came back. We will go back up on the 18th of July to pick up our new visas. 

So how is Hawaii treating you? I usually don't feel like this, but this week I feel like there was a lot of huge news that I hear all at once on Monday afternoon, haha. Huge congrats to Tommy and Courtney for getting the engagement official. It seems like it had been like that for like 2 years now, but I guess there is an order to these types of things and so I'm glad they made it official finally, haha. How is the Hawaii life treatin y'all?? I think I'm now the only person in our family who's never left the continental US, (excluding the mission) lol. But it sounds like you guys are having an awesome time so that's great. It's funny that you mentioned how fascinated I was with volcanoes at one point in my life because I had really forgotten about that lol. It sounds like you guys had a very great Sunday experience there, which is also really awesome. 

Yesterday, Sunday, we baptized Luis. He was so happy to get to his baptism, he arrived like an hour early. He wanted me to baptize him so I suited up in white and I baptized him. We are working with other people but it's always a constant need to be finding new people and helping them with all the needs in their life. Each day I'm getting more and more used to the heat and I'm feeling alright with it. By the way, your guys´ package got here this week with the long sleeve shirts and the candy and deodorant. Super random combination as I'm typing it out, but it was exactly what I needed, haha. Thank you so much for that honestly!! Any day where I can eat starbursts in Mexico is a good day, so I have had a pretty constant smile on my face this week lol. 

Well, today is when we get the new president. It should be fun, we will meet him on Wednesday! It's true, the mission president and his wife are really like parents for these two years and you learn a ton from them. I'm lucky and blessed enough to have learned and been cared for by the Munives for this year, and now by the Myers. I hope that you all have a killer week and have an awesome time in Hawaii!! Love you all, keep it real!!

Elder Stockard 

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