Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, October 31, 2016

October 31, 2016 - Week 71


Thanks so much for sending the pics of the pumpkin carving. I guess the holiday season is now starting officially, huh?? It is really fun having Elder Osborn as a companion all of the time, but especially during the classic American holidays like Halloween. Today to celebrate, we had a zone activity and a lot of us dressed up. It was really fun, it's still super hot here so everyone wanted to be inside the AC and we played a bunch of games together as a zone!

Thanks so much for sharing the update about the treatments. I feel like I've just gotten the summary of what's happened and maybe only the big highlights, and the others are all there to get more of the play by play, but it really has been something that I've had present in my mind and my prayers to our Heavenly Father. It´s great to see all the tender mercies and the way you have dealt with it. It is a big testimony builder of the spiritual truth that the happiness we have has little or nothing to do with the surrounding circumstances. So with all that, I will continue to have you constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I know things will all work out how they should though.

So this last week was great because we continued to see how some of the people we´re teaching are repenting and changing their lives. Emilio was baptized on Saturday and comfirmed on Sunday. His son and mom are preparing for their baptism on the 12th of November. Also we are teaching two others who are preparing to be baptized on the 12th. We want to have a really awesome baptismal service which would be really cool because it's presumably my last day in Navojoa, so I would love to go out that way. We are also finding a lot of great new people. It's always such a process but it's fun.

I'm really glad to hear that Courtney is such a great addition to the family. I feel like I pretty much should know her because I've heard so many good things about her for the last 3 years haha. But that's good, that makes me really happy. Like you said, I only get one sister in law so I'm glad its her haha! I often feel the same way with people who I meet here on the mission. That I just grow such an appreciation and love for them. So it is kinda sad to think that soon the day will come where I will have to say goodbye, at least temporarily to them. But that is a great blessing of being a missionary. Developing a love for the people we are here to serve. #Blessed lol.

Well, I'm so glad to hear about all the good spirits and the good news from you all. You really are the biggest blessing I will ever have in my life. I love you all so much and hope you all have an amazing week. Thanks for all the letters :)

Love and Prayers,


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