Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24, 2016 - Week 70


70 weeks huh?? Pretty crazy, right? Well I'm glad to hear that you guys had a good week, now I guess it´s back to the normal schedule of school and work haha. This week was also really enjoyable here too. We had a pretty crazy week, traveling all around the zone trying to support and help out the other missionaries with their areas and investigators. It was really tiring but fulfilling. The heat still persists, and it looks like it will take us into November in the 100´s. I'm not gonna lie, I thought that I had survived the hottest part of the year, but I think the Lord wants to make sure I don't get too comfortable haha. That's cool that you all spoke in church. I actually spoke in church as well. I spoke about trying to always have an eternal perspective in all things. 

Thanks so much for sending all the pictures, you guys all look so good! I promise you guys I'll send some pictures soon. I lost the cable to my camera, and so I've just had them on my SD card. But this week was really awesome. We started working with the parents of 2 recent converts. They are great and very excited about everything we are teaching them, just the only problem is that they live in a small town 40 minutes away from Navojoa. But they have come to church the last few weeks. We have also been working hard with our other investigators.  Emilio is actually getting baptized this Saturday and is very excited. He's read almost all the Book of Mormon and made some very incredible changes in his life. The other two also went to church and are progressing very well. They are planning on getting baptized the following week! As for Rosie and Jared, they moved to Tijuana apparently. It is really disappointing because they were completely ready for baptism. But I hope they will continue in Tijuana. 

Yesterday we went to a baptism here in Navojoa of another lady. As I was there, a guy who looked like he was like 24 asked me if I would take a picture with him. He then told me he was gonna send it to Tommy, and that he had served in Tampico with him. He had very high praises for Tommy and was really excited to talk to me about what he was up to. It's always cool to have little connections with my family or my past life. 

So how are things going down with the elections? Who will win most likely? That's pretty crazy to see pics of Alyssa voting, and seeing Kylie in pics with her driver's license. I swear those girls are like 14 and 16!! Weird how the time passes. Also Thanks for sending me the pics for Gma's 70th birthday!! I love Grandma because she has always shown me what it is to be loving!

Mom, I hope you have a great week and that the doctor gives you lots of great news and help with your eyes. It might take a while to get everything back to normal but I have no doubt that the treatments will all work!!

Well we are going to continue working hard and taking advantage of every moment we can here!! I love you all thanks so much for your updates and support. Lots of Love....


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