Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10, 2016 - Week 68


How is everyone?? I'm so glad to hear about your guys Fast Sunday being an enjoyable experience. It really is a special time and a wonderful opportunity to receive blessings from our Heavenly Father. That I am very sure of! Wow today I was thinking about it being Tommy´s birthday and how old he is getting!! I have a brother who´s 24 haha pretty crazy. Big birthday shoutout to him. I told him that since I've been out of the country for his last 2 birthdays, we will have to do the next one super big. I remember the first snowfall on his birthday a few years ago too. I imagine that wasn't the case this year but you're probably not too far off. I am really liking the weather here as of now.. Its low 90´s but seems a lot cooler with the stark contrast of the last several months climate.

I can imagine that everything is getting kinda hectic with the election. The other day there was a former missionary who returned here to Navajoa, Elder Hilton who was in my district at the beginning of my mission, and his parents were with him. They went to an activity at the church and we talked to his parents for a bit and it was funny to hear about everything that's going on in the US. It was also just really funny to be having an all English conversation with two Americans while being in Navojoa Sonora. Super random lol.

As far as the work goes with our investigators, there were definite positives and negatives. Lots of times, the investigators you have that feel the spirit and start off so well, and then other things start to happen, most the times things they hear or their family or for 100 other different reasons, they start to get tempted to stop the thing that will bring them so much good. And many times they fall into that temptation which is really sad to see. But the investigators that stay strong despite of all the outside forces are so awesome to see progress. We had a little bit of the both this week and we´re really grateful for the blessings of seeing the gospel work effectively in the lives of those we´re blessed to teach. On Saturday night, we found Emilio and his son, Juan Pablo. They were very excited to hear from us, and they went to church yesterday and it was really awesome to see. We´re gonna continue working hard to find those who the Lord has prepared for us!!

Today we got together with the zone and played some card games, a little bit of sports, and then we made hamburgers that were really delicious. Ive been in this zone for more than the average amount of time, according to whats normal so its been funny to see how it changes over time. I really like the new people who have arrived here though. Lots of great friends to be made thats for sure.

So for Tommy´s birthday make sure you guys do something really awesome. It's always a little hard to think back and know that its a day of so many great memories from years past. But I'm so happy to be here doing exactly what I'm doing now! Just as long as you promise to keep the new car for me when I get back ;) Lol. Well I love you all so much, I'm so lucky to be blessed with each of you as my family! Have an incredible week and know that you're in my prayers :) Love you all.

Elder Stockard

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