Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3, 2017 - Week 93

Mom and Family,

Greetings from Choix!! (Pronounced Sh- oy- x) I was thinking about how awesome it was that you guys, and we, and millions of other members from all over the world were watching the same counsel from the living Prophets. I was told before the mish that GC weekend would be like the Superbowl during the mish, and I can definitely say that is so! So we watched every session in English except for the Sunday morning, because that was the only session that members and investigators showed up for. The uplifting spirit that is felt is very motivating to make necessary changes in one´s life. I enjoyed the Prophet Thomas S. Monson´s message about the Book of Mormon as well. And Elder Cook shouting out Malcom Gladwell the Outliers 10,000 hour principle, haha. I set a goal to finish the BoM one more time before I finish in June and I'm determined to complete it too. I would love to hear some of your notes from the messages and if you have any ideas that were born during the conference. 

The conference obviously was the highlight of the weekend but it was a really good week too. We got to see and start spreading the word of the new Easter initiative that came out. It's called the Prince of Peace, who is obviously the Lord Jesus Christ. It´s a really great video, and it also gives 8 principles of peace, that are simple and we should all put them into practice. There, we got to talk to Pres and Sister Myers which is always a highlight too, since I always feel very uplifted after talking to them. We found 2 new families who are super awesome. One is a man and his daughter, her 2 kids. They all seem like sincere truth seekers which is so nice. The other one is a younger couple who also seem very interested. 

There's also a service project that we have this week that I'm super stoked about! A team of doctors from the USA come down to El Fuerte (a touristic-ish town about an hour away from Choix) every month to give free medical service. We are going to go this Friday to help them translate and also be like a medical assistant. I'm super stoked to get some first hand exposure to what I'm interested in doing the rest of my life and hopefully help some people out. I will let you all know how it turns out!!

I'm so glad to hear everyone is doing great there. Wow, I had no idea Travis was going to Johns Hopkins, that's super awesome, big time congrats. I hope all the other busy things you guys have going on turn out great, I'm sure they will you are all the best!! I love you, hope you have an awesome week

All Love,

Elder Stockard 

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