Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, March 27, 2017

March 27, 2017 - Week 92


So the week of spring break, what a fun time you all had. I heard about it from a few different people, and it sounds like you all had a very fun, relaxing time that was also filled with delicious food which is always a plus. You'll definitely have to show me that ice cream sandwich place when I get back. But that's awesome, I'm glad you all enjoyed the time. 

Wow, my last week was like a whole different world too!! I have been in small cities and units before but Choix is a different ball game, I really do love it!! Every Wednesday and Saturday we have to travel out to this other small town (if you can call it that, it's more of just a group of houses) called Cajon. A couple of families who are members live out there and they are kind enough to feed us. It is a couple of hours away walking so it eats up a pretty good chunk of our day, but its nestled right up in the mountains and it's so awesome!! I don't have a cord to my camera, so I can't send pics, but don't worry I will show you all of them in 11 weeks;) Yesterday at church we had a very beautiful service as well. The members here are awesome, although small in number, very strong in testimony and desire to serve. One cool experience this week... we were walking, and a car pulled up and a man probably about 28 years old named Sergio got out and said, "Elders, can you go to the house tonight and give my father in law a blessing and teach him and my mother in law the plan of salvation? I'm a member visiting from Mesa AZ and he is sick." Hahaha we obliged. His family is very nice and they went to church on Sunday. Unfortunately, Sergio goes back to the USA soon but we will continue to teach his family!! We also found a bunch of other new people who are awesome, the people here are very accepting which is nice.

Elder Wood and I are really getting along well too. I love being with brand new missionaries like him, they bring such a powerful spirit with them and I feel like I can teach them some of the things I wish that I would have known when I was new. We spent a lot of time working on the lessons and especially in Spanish. I told him the language is like a giant puzzle... it take a long time, seemingly endless at times, to get all the edges and corner pieces down, but then it all starts clicking, and you start making connections. I like seeing that progress with him as his companion. He has been here in Choix for a couple months already so he is showing me the area and introducing me to all the investigators and everything. We have also had to travel to other areas a lot this week for baptismal interviews, meetings, and all the other stuff. We spend a lot of money on bus fees, haha. 

But I am super super happy and trying to make the most of every second I have left, I'm so stoked for General Conference this weekend!! It will be the last one I have, which is hard to believe, but I'm anxious to hear the inspired messages they have prepared for us. I love your idea of having a couple of questions to look for the answers to. Something I will be doing, and inviting all the investigators to do too!! 

Well, Family, I love you all so much!! You're the best!! I can't wait to hear from you all next week!!

All love,


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