Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Thursday, July 16, 2015

July 16, 2015 - Week 3


What´s poppin?? So I now have over 3 weeks in the CCM officially, and only 2 more p-days left. So that means we will probably go to the temple next week, I was hoping it would be this week though. It´ll be cool to see it. So this week has been pretty mild, one of the bigger events that happened was some issues with our casa. like 3 days ago there was a sewer line that broke right outside our window and it smelled reallyyyy rank. Then on top of that, it had been pretty hot that whole day and so we wanted to have the windows open to cool it down but we couldn't because of the smell. So I got a little taste of what the Sonoran nights might be like with the heat, haha. Then today the water has been out at our casa so we haven´t been able to do laundry or shower or anything. Really grosss. 

But it has been another great week here, the weeks really do just fly by like crazy fast. I´ll be out in the field in no time at all. So I really like my branch president and the counselor too. The pres´s name is Presidente Campos and he is Mexican and doesn´t speak very good English, but he's a very good guy who is always happy. Then the counselor´s name is Presidente Henrrie. He is American but lives in Mexico City, super random. He works for General Motors Spanish marketing department or something like that. He is a super cool guy though and really wants to help us. His son is on a mish in Russia right now. His favorite topics of convo are what all our ACT scores are.  They are great. 

I´ve read a lot of the scriptures already, like probably over half the Book of Mormon in my time here, it is crazy how much more I get out of it when I am really zoned in on the reading. Last night Elder Shipley and I got to teach our first real investigator and it went pretty well. She was a 15 year old girl named Jasmine and her Uncle (who is a member) sat in on the lesson as well. All the Latinos speak soo fast and it is really hard for me to understand. It is weird, I feel like I speak better than I hear Spanish. But I feel like I can hold my own in a lesson setting. We will see when I get out to the field, lol. Since Saturday our district has been Solo Español, so we only speak Spanish which is tough at times because I can´t really get my thoughts across as well as I wish.   

I really like the other elders going to Obregon, there are 17 of us total so we will have a really awesome generation out there. Yesterday we got to welcome new elders who arrived at the MTC which is always a fun experience because we went through the same thing a couple weeks prior. By far the weirdest 4 days of my life were from the Tuesday night I got set apart to the first Saturday night here, haha. Next week when I email you, I´ll have a month down in the mish! Not that much but I only get 24 of them, so it´s a milestone. 

Anyway, what´s going on back in America? We hear bits and pieces from the new elders each week but nothing huge. I was reallllyyyy stoked to hear the Angels are doing so well and Mike Trout won MVP at the ASG again, no surprise. I love those type of updates about Lakers and Angels so keep them coming, por favor!! What did everyone do on the LSAT?? And how are the transitions to new jobs going (Tyler, Lauren, Tommy, Mom) ?? 

As my last part of the email I would like to give a shout out to my best friend, Mr. Hadley Faught. 1 year ago from today was the day we talked about for yearssss when he came down the stairs at the RNO airport. Lots of memories in the section of the airport haha. Hadley, Kev, Tommy and others were all such amazing examples to me my whole life and with their missions. There are a lot of kids going to Chile here now. Anyways, love you all and miss you all. 

Les Amo mucho,

Elder Stockard

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