Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 23, 2015 - Week 4

Que Hubo familia?? 

So another week has come and gone at the good old CCM. Today I am emailing later because we went to the temple visitor's center in the morning, it was super super well done. The church always impresses me with how immaculate all their facilities are. That visitors center was far and away the most impressive one I´ve been to, it was sweet. Other than that, this week has been pretty similar to the others. We have definitely been ramping up the number of lessons and Spanish speaking as we are down to our final 10 days here. It also never ceases to amaze me how crazy Mexico is, we don´t get exposed to it very often because we are, for all intents and purposes, living in an American embassy. But it is exciting to go out and see the craziness of the country and the different culture. Next time we leave, it will be for time and all eternity. It is bittersweet because I have made such great connections with people here, but like most of us are going to Obregón anyways so it's all good. So for our service activity each week we get the chance to welcome in the new missionaries that fly in and it is by far the best service project because we get to talk to all of them and be thankful that moment in our lives is behind us. Haha. 

One of the cool things of the CCM has been that we have really all grown a lot and it is cool to see my companion or I be able to pull out a scripture on the fly in a lesson and explain it in Spanish. We didn´t get to teach any real investigators this week but we did get to teach a 14 year old kid last night who was baptized on the 18th of July so that was cool. His name was Axel, and he told me that my Spanish was good but I need some more work before I'm fluent haha. I didn´t ask him, he just offered up that comment, but it was funny and definitely true. 

This Monday the first district from our zone is going to leave and go to the field. It is weird because they are the first group of people that we are tight with that will be leaving us. Then it´ll be us after that. Each Sunday night we get to watch a Mormon movie and then they do a goodbye slide show for all the districts who are leaving the CCM. We are all stoked because this Sunday it is Meet the Mormons haha. We also get to hear from our president, President Tenorrio, he is a total stud. We realized that when he showed us a clip from a talk at general conference in October 2007 to drive home his point, and he was the speaker in the video, haha. We also get to hear from Area 70´s each Tuesday which is cool.  

So to answer your questions: The schedule is good, I don´t have any problems and I am really well rested.  In the first few days I was the most tired I've ever been and literally had to fight to keep my eyes open at times. But now I don´t have issues with it. The food is really great so I'm not hungry ever. All my supplies and clothes are working great, the shoes are good but I'm glad we got 3 pair.  I am sure I will use them all. There is a tienda (store) here that we can get basic supplies from. Mom, I am honestly really thankful you and Alyssa taught me the button sewing technique before I left cause I think it´ll come in handy. Anyways, sorry I don´t have much time, but I love you all and bear testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel, that Christ lives and he loves us and is our Salvador!!    I´ll sign off with leaving one of the best chapters in scriptures with you guys. D&C 87, written like 30 years prior to the Civil War. The Lord has prophets on the world today, follow them!! Love you all and keep it real in the USA for me. 


Elder Stockard

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