Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 2, 2015 - Week 1

Familia que tal!? The MTC is pretty cool. the first 24 hours from Tuesday night when I got set apart to Wednesday when I went to bed was definitely the weirdest day of my life. haha. So my companion is super cool. Lived in B9 with me, plays sports, from Issaquah, Washington, played against Kasen Williams in high school.  I love him. The two other elders in my district both went to BYU. One is from Fairfax, VA and one is from Albuquerque. We all get along super well. There are also 3 hermanas in our district and they are pretty cool. One is cousins with the whole Wadsworth clan. My teacher is named Hermano Villalobos and he is seriously the biggest stud I know. He is super spiritual and super cool and everything.

Mexico City is one of the coolest cities I've been to. The weather is perfect all day expect for like 2 hours in the afternoon it rains like crazy hard. The food here is super good. We have Mexican dishes most days but they will do American too. We have Costco pizza on Tuesdays. I met the Calls and they are super nice. Presidente reminds me of Dallin Oaks and Hermana reminds me of Elaine S. Dalton. They took a pic with me did they post it on FB?

Anyways I heard from the elders that came yesterday that the Lakers drafted Dangelo Russel and that gay marriage is legal everywhere. haha. How are the Angels doing? and how did the rest of the draft go? I can attest that everything Tommy said about Mexico is true so far. They only have PeMex, the food is great, everywhere only has tile floors, and a lot of the houses are like pink and yellow and all the sweets here are like 10x as sweet as in America. There are also a ton of mosquitoes here. My whole body is covered cause they eat us alive when we are asleep. But it's cool.

Everything that goes on here is a great experience. There's an awesome spirit that resides at the CCM. We have been able to teach this fake investigator like 5 times and we committed him to baptism. My Spanish is improving, especially with weird verbs and gospel lingo. On 2 of our Pdays here we will get to go out into the City. The first time to go to the temple visitor center and the 2nd time to get our permanent visas. I have learned so much about the gospel, the scriptures, myself, its kinda hard to believe its only been a week. It is fun and I love it though.

I love you all and I pray for you all a lot. We pray a ton haha. like 15 times a day. Anyways, I love and miss you and keep me updated. Talk to you next week.

Le Amo

Elder Stockard

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