Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14, 2016 -Week 73


Wow what a busy week!! Filled with lots of travel, lots of meetings, and lots of many great spiritual experiences. To start things off, yesterday I was transferred from Navojoa after spending 6 months there. I am now in the very southern part of the mission in a town called Guamuchil, Sinaloa. I'm with a new missionary named Elder Christenson, who is very smart and from Salt Lake City. I'm really happy and excited to be here, my compnion is great, the town looks really great and I know the Lord sent me here for a reason. 

On the flip side, it felt like I was leaving a place that had grown to be my home in a lot of ways. I spent a large chunk of time in Navojoa and I was so blessed by the people there and have many many life-long friends that will be in Navojoa. I told many of the people as I said goodbye that I want to come back with my family one day and I hope that's something I can do.

So during the week, we had Paul B Pieper, the area president of the church in Mexico come to our mission and talk to us. Wow what a blessing that was! He showed us the importance of the holy ghost in our missions and told many inspiring stories. The following day we had a leadership meeting with him, but this one was in los Mochis. Once again it was very powerful and special. 

Saturday, we had the baptisms of 2 families here. Wow, what a special place both families have in my heart and a special moment to see them take the first step towards creating an eternal family. Previously in the week, President Myers told me about where I was going, and I hadn't told anyone, so on Saturday night after the baptism there were a lot of people hanging around taking pictures, eating and laughing at the church and it was a great time for me to see a good number of people who I had seen from up close change their lives through the gospel all be gathered there and witness their hapiness. It was kinda like a last hoorah there in Navojoa. Then yesterday there was a special stake conference broadcast with President Nelson and Elder Hales. There, I told people about my transfer and said many goodbyes. 

But wow big time shoutout to alyss for the 36!! That's big time. Tommy sent me some of the engagement pics and they both look fantastic!! The wedding is coming up very quickly. As a missionary, a transfer becomes a standard unit of time. And this transfer ends on Christmas day, which means lots of exciting things will be happening during these 6 weeks, such as Thanksgiving, the wedding, Christmas Eve and day. It will be a good time!! Also, wow what a surprise with Donald Trump winning. All of Mexico is up in arms and convinced that he will kick every immigrant out of the country. Don't think they fully understnad how that whole thing works haha. 

But I am very happy and blessed to have such a good family in you guys!! I love you all so much and I'm happy to hear from y'all!!! Have an amazing week!!



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