Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, November 28, 2016

November 28, 2016 - Week 75


Wow what an awesome Thanksgiving you all had!! All the pics look great. I'm so glad to see that the pizza was a success as well as your doctor´s appointment. I'm sure that you'll be back to seeing 100% in no time at all :) And I had almost forgotten completely about the black Friday tradition, but that's fun that you guys could do it in Utah this year. I'm sure its a little bit more high powered there. Any big purchases?? 

So our week was also really incredible here. The last week we focused our efforts on finding new people, and this week it started to pay off. It seemed like every day, we found someone who had loads of interest and potential to progress in the gospel. Granted, there were definitely a fair amount who were not as interested, but one forgets about that very easily with just a couple people who accept what we have for them. I'll give you the run down on a couple of them. So one is a kid who´s 19. He was working in like a carpenter shop when we met him and he told us he wanted to go to church. He works a very busy schedule, but one day we found him again by chance and taught him about repentance and the Book of Mormon and he was way interested. He accepted an offer to be baptized and is a really smart kid. The other one was actually an old reference that we went with, and before we could say a word he told us to sit down and went and bought us something to drink. He said he has been searching the scriptures for many years to find out what the true church of Christ is. Then we met two others, both of which have family members who are Mormon and have read the BoM and gone to church before. It really was a week of finding really prepared and smart people. We just wanna keep working hard and finding the other people the Lord has prepared here in our area. 

The rest of our week was pretty normal. On Thanksgiving day and Friday we took some time, Elder Christensen and I, to reflect on what our families would be doing. The wound is a little bit more fresh for him since he was just with his fam, haha, but he was a soldier about it and it was really refreshing and fun to talk about old traditions. I talked about how fun it was to have everyone back in Fallon for the holidays and to do nothing at all, save it be what happened to tickle our fancy in that exact moment. Citing Office and Blacklist marathons, great food, family traditions, basketball, and many other things. But I hope you guys all enjoyed that this year, we had a ward activity that night and played volleyball with some people in the church, haha. 

I'm glad to hear about all the answers to your prayers as well. It's reassuring to never have to doubt that we have a loving Heavenly Father who knows us, understands our worries and our needs, and is so willing to bless us and answer our sincere prayers if we´re willing to ask him humbly and faithfully. Well, I love all of you and hope that you have a great week!!!



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