Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January 2, 2017 - Week 80


Happy 2017!!! Happy new year to everybody!! How did you all ring it in?? The other night Elder Christensen and I were talking about what we had done on New Year's Eves in the past, and I told him about how fun the Disneyland and Rose Bowl one was in 2014. Legendary, really. This year, we had to be in the house early, we bought some snacks and just kicked back and had a good time. But anyways, I hope you all had an awesome new years and are ready to take on 2017!!

So for the rest of the week... Well this week there was a lot of people who were either out of town, or had family visiting from out of town. We actually met some really awesome members who came in from various parts of Mexico and even a couple from SLC who came to visit their daughter-in-law´s parents who live here. But aside from that, it did make it difficult at times to get in the door with people and have effective lessons. But even with that, we saw some great blessings and found some incredible people. One of the ladies we found, Eva, went to church with us yesterday and really enjoyed herself. 

On Thursday, as we were passing the house of a family who is seriously investigating the church, we saw an ambulance outside. Natalia, has been taking care of her sick mother for the past few months, so it was obviously alarming to us. As we passed by, they beckoned for us to come in and informed us that her mother had just died and asked us to go in and try to comfort her. A task that we did not at all feel qualified to do, but we obliged. We saw Natalia holding her mom in her arms and obviously very emotional. It was sad to see, and we have given them some time with the family. But it was sad, but I definitely felt a peace knowing that they will see their mom again one day and knowing exactly where she was. 

With the new year, I do wanna make some resolutions and try to stick to them. A lot of them will have to be really personal and others will be more mission related, a little weird since my life will change drastically halfway through the year, haha. I would love to hear some of your resolutions though, Mom. As far as my concerns and the best thing that's happening in my life... I would say biggest concern is just how to deal with the very delicate situation of Natalia's family that we have right now. The best thing in my life is probably that we have a lot of great investigators and seeing how the course of their conversion will be.. that's really exciting for me!! So now with everyone, its gonna be back to reality soon right? I imagine its both relieving, exciting, and a little sad all at the same time. When does everyone go back to school?? 

Hope you all have a great week, and that you enjoy whatever time you have left on your vacations!! I'm praying and thinking of all of you often!! Have an incredible week, love you all so much!!

All love,


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