Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, January 30, 2017

January 23, 2017 - Week 83


How's everything going back in the homeland fam?? So yeah, to answer your question, yes riding in the back of a pickup is one of the standard forms of transportation here in this area, 'cause everything is spread out with no buses really. So we´re allowed to ride in the back of trucks because it is so common, haha. But don't worry we´re always safe. haha. But how have ya´ll been?? And so what's your verdict with the photos?? Have a aged or do I look different than I did since you last saw me? I see pics of you guys and everyone looks so good and happy!! Dad has lost so much weight and I think he looks better than I've ever seen him!

We heard plenty of Donald Trump's inauguartion here. Just about every house we walk into people will ask us about him and what we think of him. It's been like that for probably about a year now haha. I hope Trump does a lot of good for the country, which I hope he is capable of doing. Who are the big names he has in his cabinet btw??

I was thinking to myself how crazy it is that Alyssa is already old enough to go to prom, but then I remember that she's going to graduate soon and that she's like 18.5 haha. I also heard that Tiffany Marshall got her mission call to KC, or at least that's what I think Gma told me. This week we will go to Los Mochis to see a worldwide missionary broadcast with some of the apostles. I'm really excited because there we will see many of my friends who are in other areas, and also hear the impeccable guidance of the apostles. This week I studied a talk from Neil L Andersen about the missionary work, and it is really such an important work that the Lord guides. I think back to the many missionary opportunities we had as kids. Travis, Stuart, Robert, Ladamien. some were baptized, others weren't, and I don't even feel like we were the most important part in any of those but I still feel happy to know we shared what's most important to us.

I would love to hear how it goes in your studies of the gospel. Your thoughts, cool things you read or heard, and how its going with the Living Christ. This week we watched Special Witnesses of Christ that came out in 2000 with the Living Christ. Here the work is going well. Our main investigators are Paola and Jorge, Rosalina, and Daniela and Angel. Lots of work to be done but that's why we´re here!! Haha. Also, kinda random but I totally hadn't heard that Gma and Gpa are extending their mission until August! Looks like I will be able to go to Ukraine to see them when I get back lol.

Well, family, its great to hear from you all!! I love you all so much. Hope you have a great week. Take it easy!! Lots of love from Guamuchil



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