Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, May 8, 2017

May 2, 2017 - Week 97


Hey how are you doing?? I am coming in a day late because yesterday was our transfer day and by the time I got back to my area, it was too late to write. So on Sunday we got a call informing us that Elder Wood would be going to Navojoa, and that I would be receiving a new companion, Elder Cassano. So yesterday we woke up very early to catch a bus into Los Mochis and then Elder Wood and I parted ways and he caught a bus to Navojoa. It was really disappointing to have to say goodbye to him but he´ll be a blessing in a lot of people´s life, just as he was in mine. So a few hours after that, Elder Cassano arrived (he was coming from Obregon). He is a really nice guy, he´s from Lima, Peru and has a little over a year on the mission... this is my last transfer, so he will be the companion that I finish with... pretty weird to think about right?

So Elder Wood and I had a good last week together... It was very busy and included a lot of traveling but it was very fun and rewarding. At the beginning of the week we were nailing down the last few details with the baptism (Place, time, date, dress, etc.) which is always exciting. Then after that it got pretty busy. On Thursday night we had to go to El Fuerte to do a baptismal interview for some other missionaries and by the time we finished there were no longer any buses that took us back to Choix, which was kinda to be expected. It worked out alright though because the next day we had a meeting in Los Mochis that we had to go to. So we crashed with Elder Christensen and his companion, who live in between Choix and Los Mochis, haha.It was super fun just chatting with them and then going to the meeting in Los Mochis on Friday.

When we finally got back to Choix we had a really successful branch activity where we met a lot of the members´ friends and family which is pretty much what we were going for. Hopefully some of them can continue getting to know the church and the doctrine a little bit better and see that it will bring them lots of blessings and happiness in their lives. We are working with one of the families from the branch. Most of their kids are older now and are all really well studied so it makes for some good talks. But anyways, this weekend the baptism was a success and that made it a good week.

Big congrats to Colin & Hanna, Hadley & Shannon, and Travis & Corey! I can't believe that the wedding dates already here, I am excited for those guys. I'll wanna see some pics of the ones you go to.

Well, I don't have all the time in the world because of the transfers, but I will write you guys more next week and we´ll plan out the Mother´s day call - how exciting!!

Love you guys!!


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