Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8, 2017 - Week 98


Hey family, what's happenin? What a week jam packed full of weddings! Big congrats to the 3 newly wedded couples, I'm glad to hear that everything went well with the weddings. So real quick to answer your question... Yeah so we know that if we have to leave Choix after like noon, we should pack an overnight bag because we won't make it on the last buses back. But yes, that usually means that we just sleep on the floor of an apartment or that we push the two twin sized beds together and sleep lengthwise across them. Either way its pretty uncomfortable, hahaha.

Yeah, so this week was a good one. It's always fun to get to know a new companion, I feel like I learn a little piece of a new culture too since Elder Cassano is from Peru. It always make me curious to go to places that my friends are from to be able to see all the cool things they talk about. Most everybody speaks very fondly of their home when they've been away for so long, haha. Yeah so we´ve been working hard with the members here. A couple of weeks ago we set a goal with the branch president to get a home and visiting teaching schedule set up, and this past week we were helping some of the members do some of those visits to the other members. And it works, there were 22 people in church including a family of 3 investigators! Haha, it doesn't sound like much, but there have been as few as 7 in church so it is progress. As far as my personal goals that I mentioned to you a couple of weeks ago... I am about to finish the book of Alma, and I figured out that I have to keep a pace of about 6 pages a day to be able to finish. I have read the Living Christ a lot in Spanish and it's pretty hard to memorize it completely but I am gonna try to have a good part of it down! haha 

This week the same organization that the doctors from America came down with last month came down again on Friday. I had been excited the whole month to work with them again, and so on Friday we went and it turned out a little disappointing, haha. The whole team of docs couldn't make it down, there was a little bit of miscommunication and there was just one surgery that day, and a lot of sitting around. It was still a good experience, but a lot less busy than the last time, haha. The surgery that they did was actually a little girl who was born with 6 toes, it reminded me of Abby Belle when she was born. And the doctor who did it was an LDS podiatrist from So California. 

It sounds like you all will have a pretty busy couple of weeks!! I'm super stoked to see all of you this Sunday and talk to you guys!! We will have a lot to talk about haha. I was thinking that we could do the call at like 4:30 Nevada time? That would be 5:30 here and in Utah. We have a pretty flexible schedule, would that time work out for all of you guys? I asked an investigator to let me use her laptop, which is one of the only ones in Choix I'm pretty sure, haha. So I will try to make sure that there will be no technical difficulties but just fair warning, haha. 

I got my flight plans today too... I will forward them to everybody in case you haven't seen them yet!! One more month, pretty nuts!! Well, I love you guys so much and I can't wait to talk to you all on Sunday! I'm blessed to have the best family ever! 

All Love,


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