Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015 - Week 7

familia como ha estado?

Man, how it felt to think that a week ago I arrived in Cd. Obregón to really start my mission! There´s a saying about how time flies when you are having fun, and that sure holds true here! 

So the days here start a little earlier than usual. 6;15, that way we can read the Book of Mormon for 15 minutes before we start to get ready for the day. I was so tired that first Tuesday because I had been sleep deprived when I arrived, but lo and behold, I made it through the day haha. I got lucky with the area of Esperanza because my companion had a good number of investigators prior to my arrival, so I got acquainted with the investigators and the process of teaching, which was nice. We have quite a few investigators that I feel really great about and a couple that have committed to baptism. It is so sweet to see the primitive stages of the conversion process because it is such a lengthy process that no one ever truly completes. I have seen it in myself a lot too this week. Any thoughts that I had in the CCM about being close to fluent in Spanish are gone, haha. It is a lot different in the real world but I have already seen progress since I got here, which is reassuring. 

Esperanza sure is different than anywhere I´ve ever been before. The heat is definitely strong, but it doesn´t really bother me that much because it doesn´t burn my skin.  I guess the atmosphere here is thicker or something like that. Super weird haha, but one thing that I have noticed is that we drink a tooooon of fluid, but we sweat a ton. Really gross, I know. Size wise, it is probably like half or 1/3 of the size of Fallon. I don´t know, it is hard to guage, but it is small. The food has been pretty good. I have really liked some dishes, namely tacos de carne with flour tortillas. Super nice haha. I´m really hoping that I can return to Mexico sometime with Tommy because so much of what he has told me about it has happened already. No one would appreciate it but him. The apartment we´re in is very small but it gets the job done just fine. We don´t spend much time there, and when we are there we´re just studying. The shower is like a metal pipe that only puts out cold water, haha it´s crazy. Obregón is about 10 minutes away by bus and we have gone there 3 times this week, for zone conference, District leader meetings, and Pday today. We went to Wal Mart there and I had to buy sheets and stuff for my bed. I've been using my street clothes as pillows and blankets since I got here, haha. 

We have more work to do, but so far so good. The language will come and everything else will as well. It really does seem as if time has wings because I´m almost out for 2 months, but it feels like just yesterday we were gathered around the family room together talking, sharing memories, and making predictions for the future. You start school next week, right Mom? When does everyone else go back to school? How´re Lauren and Tyler doing? I love hearing and receiving pictures from all of you, it is always a highlight in my week. I also love to hear about what´s going on in the family. Grandma and Gpa's trip out to Reno looked like lots of fun. I'm excited for them to come out to the mission field because it is comforting to know that people I love are doing the same thing I am. I got to hear from Elder Shipley today and oh how I miss him, but he  is doing awesome which is good. I love you all more than either the Spanish or English language could ever begin to describe and know that I think and pray about you all. Keep holding down the homefront for your boy. I´m trying to do the same here for everyone. 

All Love,

Elder Stockard

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