Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 17, 2015 - Week 8


What´s good people? Another week in Esperanza Sonora! How weird, sometimes it feels like I´ve been here for 2 days! This week was a really great one, for a multitude of reasons. Some that I might not be able to recall in this letter, but I will give you the highlights! So I had really been letting myself to get frustraded with the language my first week here, but I have felt like I´ve been making big leaps in that area, and part of it is just my prayers for patience being answered. But each day I see progress in areas which has been a big bright spot. Our investigators have been good. We have Guillermo, Jose and a 13 year old boy who is the son of Guillermo. So 3 generations from that family. They came to church last week, but unfortunately didn't this week. But they are very interested and have been making good progress. They have baptismal dates, so we´re hoping that works out. 

We also have another family. Samuel and Alejandra are the parents, then they have an 11 year old son, Samuelito, and a 3 year old daughter, Abigail, who reminds me a lot of AbbyBelle. They are so awesome and I can see big things with them, but we only get to meet with them like once or twice a week because the dad works weird hours. 

It is really an awesome and humbling experience to see the teachings of the Lord work in their lives, and have them tell us how they can feel the spirit when they do those things. On Saturday we got to attend the baptism of a guy named Alfredo and it was a cool experience. He is 26 years old and he is a great guy. We played soccer with him earlier this morning. 

The weather this week has been so extreme!! Like 115 degrees extreme, with humidity! Then on Saturday night, there was this crazy rain and lightning storm. We ran home through the dirt roads like a mile and a half and got completely drenched, it was super fun. Don´t fret, I made sure to do laundry after. The sunsets here are some of the most beautiful things I´ve ever seen in my life. Which is saying something, because I´m not usually one to appreciate natural beauty, but it is impossible not to appreciate these. The other night, this guy we´re teaching gave us mangoes right off the tree, a glass of water, and we taught him outside as the sun set. It was a pretty sick experience, not gonna lie. I need to be better at taking photos, I´ve only taken one thus far. 

So along with the weather and the work, everything else has been pretty sweet as well. My comp and I are getting along, I´ve enjoyed the ward and the pueblito of Esperanza. The members feed us pretty well. We have lunch with them rather than dinner. It´s at like 2:30 usually and it is always really good, and filling. The tortillas of flour are super super good... something that is a signature of Obregon. Also everything here is way cheap. Like $2.30 for a hamburger with fries, haha. Those are on the street. One member gave us tacos, super good salsa and avocado, ice cream, and mangos all in one meal. It was probably the best meal I´ve had since the states haha.

I was super excited to see and hear that Kevin and Lucy´s wedding went well and all the guests seemed to have an awesome time. Super happy for both of them. Now they can come join me for their honeymoon in Mexico haha. Mom how was the first day of school and everything?? Everyone sounds super good back home which is awesome. I love you all and miss you all a ton. Keep up all the good work back home. Until next week!

All Love,

Elder Stockard

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