Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015 - Week 9

Week 9 I know, it is hard to believe isn´t it?

Como le ha ido familia?

It sounds like you all are having a great time at home, that makes me super stoked everytime I read about all the happenings back on the homefront!! I do have to admit, I have heard that al pastor isn´t super common in this part of the country, so Tyler might have to pencil in a dinner date in 2 years with me where he whips up some of that for me haha. 

But I'm having a blast out here as well. We had a really good week with contacting people in the streets this week. We contacted nearly 100 people this week, which was about double any other week. The important thing is that we talked to some people who I have some really great feelings about, so I´m looking forward to getting to spend some time teaching them this week. We really tried to find new people this week because we´ve had some difficulties with getting our current investigators to attend church and other stuff, but we are still praying for them and continue to visit them lots. I still have really good feelings about them as well. We have also been focused on reactivation, because the attendance rate isn't super stellar in the ward here, and another positive is that we had some people at church who hadn´t attended previously for a hot minute. A quick highlight from the week... There's this recent convert here who is paralyzed because he got shot in his spine like 4 years ago. He´s having some more operations this week on his spine and he asked us to give him a blessing. We walked about 2 miles to his house in the very hot sun to do it, but it all felt great after that because he was very grateful and we all felt the spirit very strongly. 

In other news, I also got to spend 5 of the last 7 days in Obregon, which was a lot of fun. Mostly for meetings, but from Friday to Saturday I went on exchanges with the Zone leader which was pretty sweet. He is a spiritual giant from Mexico, but he speaks pretty solid English, is my age, but has been out for a little over a year. He works so hard and taught me a lot in only 24 hours.  It was really awesome.  

The food here continues to be very good, I think the thing that I will miss the most is flour tortillas. They make them all by hand and cook them on a stove right in front of you they´re sooo good. We eat a lot of chicken here, like grilled chicken. It is pretty good. Another thing that has been really great is the fruit here. It´s awesome to just walk right up to a tree and pick a mango off of it and eat it during a lesson. Guayabas are also pretty good and very abundant. Kinda hard to explain what they are, but look them up. I do miss some of the cuisine from America, but mostly the convenience of having a mom to cook it for me. 

We spent a lot of time cleaning our apartment today, and I have to say that was one of the grosser experiences I have had in my life haha. We found 3 or 4 scorpions, and 2 tarantulas!!! Don´t worry though, they weren't inside the living part of the apartment, our sink is outside and they were out there. Still pretty cool though!

 Man, the weeks sure are flying by here! Today I looked at my agenda and noticed that it is the 24th of August which marks 2 months since America, my family, loved ones, and I parted ways. Pretty crazy huh? I sure do love the aforementioned things; however, I am growing quite fond of Mexico and loving the people that I´m spending time with here. I seriously love so much hearing from you guys, I can´t even describe it. How is the high school going mom? Is it really different or is it like if you´ve taught one grade you´ve taught em all? Dad told me he has a 5 day trial this week, so I´m sure that´ll be able to keep him plenty occupied. I love you all and miss you all lots!! 

All love, 

Elder Stockard

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