Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 3, 2015 - Week 6 - Arrival in Obregon

Greetings from Ciudad Obregón!

So my day started this morning at 1:00 AM Mexico City time. ( 11:00 PM Obregon time) We got up, got to the airport, and headed off to Obregon. At the airport, Elder Shipley and I had about 30 minutes to spend together before he had to head off to Saltillo. It was really sad to say goodbye to him but he is really going to do great things for the people there. It really is beyond me how I got so blessed with him as my first companion in the mission but I am thankful for all the times together with all the great friends I made at the CCM. After we arrived in Obregon, we met our mission president and his wife at the airport (which is by far the smallest airport I've ever seen in my life) and as soon as we stepped outside, it was one of the hottest places I´ve ever been in my life... Mind you, it wasn´t even 7:00 AM at this point. It is seriously so hot here, and humid. It´s crazy. We went to the mission home where we spent the next several hours going over mission rules and doing interviews, then finally receiving our companions and areas. My companion is named Elder Ruiz, he is from Mexico, has 18 months in the mission, and is a great guy. I love him already, I just wish I could speak a little better to him. We can communicate pretty well though. In an hour and a half we have our first lesson with a family. I´m currently running on 20 minutes of sleep over the last 24 hours but I will get to sleep tonight. I´m super pumped to teach this lesson with him though. We are in an area called Esperanza, which is like 10 minutes from Obregon. We just barely dropped our bags off at the apartment and let me tell you, it sure does make me appreciate American architecture and conveniences, such as AC. It´ll be a lot of fun though, we are at an internet cafe right now, just about to head over to the lesson. Ciudad Obregon is such a nice city though, like it is set up on a grid, there are lots of really cool looking structures all over the city, it is actually very green, it is super humid. I like it a lot, it has a nice feel to it. By the mission home there are some crazy nice houses there, it reminds me of a gated community in the states.

     The last few days at the CCM were fun and I´m grateful for the time there. We said goodbye to our teachers and I will miss both Hermano Villalobos and Hermano Ortiz like crazy. They both really have changed my life for the better in lots of ways. Hermana Call told me she is going to post a picture of me on Tommy´s FB but I have it on my email so I will send it as well. I have lots of pictures I will need to send to you guys but my camera is not with me right now so you´ll have to wait for a week. I´m sure I'll have many stories to send in that email haha. Presidente Munive is a great guy and his wife is awesome too. They talked to me about Ed Swapp for a bit and that was fun. Anyways, the field is looking good so far!!!

That is awesome that Alyssa got a good score on the practice ACT, but not altogether very surprising. She is a stud. What else is new on the home front? Mom is making all these new trips that sound really fun, and Emmett is looking like a stud in the Steph Curry jersey! I love and miss you all and wish I could´ve talked to you guys on the phone today. Until Christmas I guess, by then I can really get my Spanish right! Love you all and miss you guys. 

All Love,

Elder Stockard


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