Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015 - Week 10

Querida Familia,

Another week in the field! It sounds like you all have been doing awesome and the fun times continue to come! That is all so good to hear, and it sounds like our house is still popping at all hours of the day with friends! It´s too bad that everyone now has to go back to school and to the everyday grind for a few months. But it´s always good to get back in the groove of things. If it makes you feel any better, these past couple of weeks I have seen tons of kids going to school here in Mexico as well. I have no doubt that all of you are loving, and thriving in all the new school settings. Its good to hear you´re liking the high school, Mom. 

As for the happenings of my week.... It´s been really good this week. Sometimes it´s hard to believe it´s been that long because time really does seem to fly by. We taught a few new people this week, and continued to search for others. As for our current investigators, we are still praying for them and visit them, but are trying to shift our focus to people who are progressing. This past Friday we had a missionary activity that we all worked really hard on to plan and execute. In the hours leading up to it, we trekked across our whole area and invited like 15 investigators to come and join us for it. The responses were mixed, but we were expecting at least 7-10 to show up. We even coordinated rides for as many as we could. None of them showed up! It was really disappointing and it happens like that with church sometimes too, but I tell you this because there was a lot of positives to follow it. 

Elder Ruiz and I were a little discouraged after that, so we prayed specifically to be able to find other people to teach, and that they would be willing to listen to our message. The following two days, (Saturday and Sunday) we got references from members that we´re visiting tonight, and found and taught a group of 3 people (two older people and their daughter-in-law). By the end of the lesson, 6 more members of their family were listening and we had contacted one of their sons before. I don't know how it will turn out, but it was a very positive answer to our prayers. One thing I´ve noticed here is that the majority of the people are willing to talk to us and invite us into their home, but that doesn´t always mean they are interested in the message. I think what keeps people from going to church, is a lack of understanding of the importance of it, and a lack of desire. Which we are trying to figure out a more effective way to get people there. 

For whatever reason, it seems that it only rains during the middle of the night during the weekend here. I don´t know how scientific that is, but I have evidence to back it up. Saturday night there was a huge rain storm again and the power went out. With the power going out, so did our fans. We woke up and it was so hot, and couldn´t escape the heat. We drenched shirts in cold water, and tried to sleep in them, but it was all for naught. The heat here is crazy strong, but I'm getting really tan, and actually adapting well to the climate. The food has also been amazing, although I eat way too many flour tortillas. I can´t tell you how awesome it is to have members who are willing to feed us each day. Mom, make sure you give the missionaries a KILLER meal today and give them dessert as well because that is always a huge highlight of a meal. 

We just got back from Obregon and it has been pouring rain for the last little while, but something cool happened there. We were all walking out of Wal-mart with our groceries and a lady of about 55 years of age very nicely offered us a ride back to Esperanza, which we had to decline because we can`t ride with women solo. But she gave us all some juice and we gave her a Book of Mormon and wrote our names in it and she seems like she`s really interested. I don`t know what will happen with her but it was very nice of her and I hope she reads the Book of Mormon. 

To answer your question about the sink, it´s kinda hard to explain. We do only have one sink, it is located within our apartment, but it´s outside. Basically it´s a slab of cement, with walls around it, but with no roof that is like 5´x10´. The only way to access it is through our apartment though. Does that makes sense? There is only one ward in Esperanza, and we are assigned to it. There are 2 other missionaries in the ward, who live in the apartment below us. 

I´ve learned a lot already, and there´s always so much more to learn. It´s amazing the ways the Lord teaches us, and teaches the investigators. He knows us better and there are countless ways He can help us. I love to see little things throughout the day that testify to the fact that this is where I should be, and this is what I should be doing. The mission is a blessing to me. Having you guys is such a blessing I really love you all SO MUCH!! This is the work of the Lord and He has a plan for us. The church is true!!

All Love,

Elder Stockard

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