Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, November 16, 2015

Nov. 16, 2015 - Week 21


Yoooo what up y'all? Another week back at it, sounds like you all have been doing great! This week was filled with lots of positives, and great food so I can´t really complain. I think the best food I had was pineapple tamales. The weather is pretty perfect, and we´re seeing lots of people moving forward and gaining testimonies which is awesome! You guys sounds so good, from all parts of the nation too, haha.  

So this week was pretty solid, and with the new area it has taken time, but each day we know our way around more and continue to get more and more investigators and references. It makes the days soooooo much better when we have people to teach and visit. We have had multiple investigators in church every week though, and that is really good. I wanna share this really cool experience of the faith of an investigator and the power of the gospel....

We found this family a few weeks ago, and they have a little convenience store in their house, so as you can imagine, they´re pretty busy most the time, but they´re so nice and their kids are awesome. We taught them once our first Saturday here, then they all came to church the next day. But for the next couple weeks we passed by their house, tried to set appointments, they kept falling through and we weren´t able to teach them and we were starting to think that they didn't want to listen to us anymore. But this week we taught them like 3 times, they asked lots of great questions and they really felt good, but said they probably wouldn´t be able to go to church because their store needed to be open so that they could receive sufficient money to pay rent and they were very concerned about that, and rightfully so. However, we shared some scriptures and invited them anyways, and yesterday they came to church and told us they knew it was the right decision. They wanted to grow their faith and they knew they had to put forth the effort to show the Lord that they´re willing to do their part. It´s really true, if we sincerely look for the truth, through the power of the Holy ghost, we can find answers to our concerns or questions. The work here is good, we are teaching multiple families, and that always helps cause they automatically have someone and I feel like it makes the lessons and visits more effective. 

In a weird way, the land and desert here are really beautiful. There´s a ton of palm trees and cactus, and also some really sweet mountains that are kinda far off in the distance, but look really cool. The weather is at the point where it´s just about perfect and that makes it a lot more pleasant to go out and walk in the streets. So the other night we were noticing that our sink in the kitchen wasn´t draining very well, and there was a little leak every time we turned the water on. so we tried to remove a little tube that was underneath it, and a freaking tonnnnnnn of hair and other things that were clogging the sink came out and it was reallyyyyy gross, haha. So now we have a bucket underneath the sink to fix the leak, but it drains a lot better, so that's a plus. But I thought you would be happy to hear that I'm also developing my plumbing knowledge and ability here. I had to go all the way to Mexico to figure out how to do that lol. (Just please, never ask me to do it again when I get home.) 

So it sounds like that the family was scattered all across the globe this week, it´s always fun to here about your guys trips and adventures. Any news on the med school or law school with Lauren and Tyler, or have they returned from all the interviews yet?? How are school and preparations for Thanksgiving, and everyone returning home going? I imagine that you´re all doing thanksgiving in Fallon this year. Tear up Black Friday for me, here in Mexico they have Un Buen Fin which was this weekend and it´s kinda like black Friday but not as big and it lasts for 3 days instead of one. The year is coming to a close very soon and it´s so weird that I've been a missionary for like 5 months already. I miss you all and love you very much and pray for you. Thanks for all your love and support as always. Until next week!! 

All Love,

Elder Stockard  

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