Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, November 2, 2015

Nov. 2, 2015 - Week 19


Wow, yet again here I am writing the ones I love!! (I'm in a different internet cafe and the space bar is a little sticky so right off the bat I wanna ask your forgiveness if you find a few extra spaces inbetween words haha.) So it sounds like it has been a successful Halloween weekend and I hope that you guys were the house that gave out the king sized candy bars, you know automatically making you the favorite neighbor. I hope you guys stay busy this week, and give Dad a great 50th birthday. I'm sad to miss milestones like that but I'm sure he´ll understand that I'm a little occupied for the time being haha. What a busy schedule for Lauren and Tyler, I'm really really excited to hear how everything goes for them with the interviews though. I'm glad to hear that the charter school and transition to HS for you and Alyssa is all playing out smoothly as well. 

So my week was a lot different than the usual, which was nice to have change, but it was hectic nonetheless. So we are in an area that is completely foreign to both of us, and so it is kinda like the blind leading the blind haha. Monday night we were informed that we had to move houses by Wednesday, right after we had just finished moving into our apartment. Luckily, we hadn´t unpacked a ton, so it was an easy transition. On Wednesday we moved to a house that is right in our area, and I have really liked it so it was nice. This week we have worked with some old investigatores, and also found a couple others. We are working on contacting lots of people in the streets to build up a solid base of people we can visit. So far it´s been improving steadily which is all we can ask for. We have a good number of investigators that are working towards baptismal dates and progressing well, which is always cool to see.

Our district now is only 4 elders and so it´s super small, but I like it a lot. There´s my companion Elder Ruiz and I, my former companion Elder Ruiz, and his comp Elder Hilton. They´re all really great missionaries and I'm blessed to be able to learn from such great people. My new companion is from like 2 hours from Cancun and has a lot of sweet stories and pictures from around his house. He´s a really talented guy with a lot of strengths, and I'm hoping that by the end of my time with him I´ll be able to emulate some of them. 

Today it was fun, I got to see a lot of other missionaries that I haven´t seen since the CCM and they are doing really well. It´s also cool cause after a few transfers in the mission, you grow your web of missionaries you know and it is always fun to see them again. We all go to Wal Mart on Mondays, so we run into lots of other missionaries there. Today is acually a holiday here in Mexico, called dia de los muertos. It´s pretty big, basically people do things to honor loved ones that have died. Like there are people that cook favorite meals of the person and other things they liked and put them outside of their house or at the cemeteries or all over. I really have enjoyed learning about the culture of Mexico more, so it is cool to see a different holiday. 

I also really  love the story of Abinadi and seeing how the Lord touched the heart of Alma and gave him the courage and strength to stand up for Abinadi, even though he then had to run for his life. Becuase of Alma the church of God was then established and lots of other good came from him as well. Today I read about his son, Alma and Amulek grilling Zeezrom. The Lord´s work will always go forward, and he will always provide a way for it to happen. It´s so awesome to see and I have gained a testimony of it. I love you all and love to hear from all of you. A special Happy 50th Birthday shout out to the best dad in the world!

All Love,

Elder Stockard

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