Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, November 9, 2015

Nov. 9, 2015 - Week 20

Dear Family,

How are you guys doing. I'm sorry we don't have question marks on this keyboard so I'm just going to make everything a statement and I hope you catch my drift haha. But anyways... So it sounds like you all had a really great time celebrating Dad´s birthday and I really liked hearing about all the fun things you did, and will be doing. I'm surprised that the new movie theater wasn´t more packed, but that's really cool that it turned out nice. I'm anxious to hear about all the interviews in Texas and how the weekend in Midway goes. I'm sure you guys will be having much different weather conditions than I am experiencing right now. The mornings and nights are like 55 degrees and the days are like 70,75 degrees. (Of course those are very rough estimates)

So this week was pretty solid. Elder Ruiz and I continue to explore the area, and we are getting more comfortable in it and know how to navigate ourselves around now. With that being said, there´s still a lot of times that we find ourselves in a part of town and we don´t know where we are, or where a street is or something. It's pretty fun because we get to see these two little towns, and they´re both really nice and have some cool things in them. We have a lot of really awesome people we´re teaching, which helps a lot. Some of them are inactive members that we´re working with, but they´re so helpful to us and are willing to always offer their help. Today, one of them helped us break into our house because we accidentally locked the keys inside. It was a success though, and we were able to retrieve the keys without too many scratches haha. There´s this one family that we´re teaching and they've been to church every week since we arrived, and super super sweet. They learned about tithing the other day, and that day in church they were asking us how they could pay their tithing. Really humbling experience, I can´t remember if I already told you about them or not. 

One really cool experience this week is that we got a phone call one morning and it was some missionaries who had received a reference in another city for someone that lived in our area. So we went to her house, and it turns out that she is dating someone who is a member of the church, and they want to get married in the temple, so she needs to get baptized. And she also has some siblings who were there too, it was really cool. We are going to visit her more this week and see how it all goes, but it was a definite blessing that we saw. 

On Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference in Obregon, and there was a member of the area 70 that was there to speak to us. He spoke very plainly to the members and offered a lot of great advice. He shared the parable of the 10 virgins and told everyone that we all need to be prepared and that now is the time to start to live the commandments, even the ones that dont seem as significant. President and Sister Munive also spoke, and delivered great talks. Its always nice when we have investigators present to hear such eloquent, powerful, clear messages because then the spirit can really testify to them.

So today for PDay we went out to this statue that the State of Sonora built recently. It´s of this huuuuuge Yaqui Indian, I'm gonna send you guys some pics of it. Basically the Yaqui tribe has a ton of influence on this part of the mission and you´re always hearing about them. It was a relaxing day and the best part about it is hearing from you all, the ones I love so much. I'm so grateful for your support, and for the knowledge that we have that we can be together forever. I love you all and hope you have a great week. 

Elder Stockard

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