Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015 - Week 23

Dear Family,

Yo what´s happenin?? So you guys all survived the busy Thanksgiving weekend there without too many bumps or bruises (just a little flood lol) But I hope you all had your fill of pie, turkey, family, and busy black Friday shopping. I'm sure you did. It always makes me laugh when I read about experiences at home that happen exactly how I would expect them too. Like the chaos of getting everyone back to Provo in an efficient manner haha. Some things never change right! So for anyone who´s wondering how the people of Mexico celebrate Thanksgiving it is by asking all the Americans on the streets if they´re going to be eating turkey that day lol. I was actually surprised by the number of people who made that comment to me, but it was really funny. 

So as for my week... It was a really good week out here. I got to work with another missionary named Elder Cruz on Tuesday and he is really good and helpful. We worked here in my area and had a good day of work, I always really enjoy doing divisions with other missionaries. It´s a good opportunity to get to know someone else and learn more from them. Other than that, the week was pretty standard. We´re moving along with a couple families, and one of them is getting baptized this Saturday. The conversion in people is always the coolest thing to see. One of the families mentioned to us that they really wanted to get their hands on a bible, because they didn´t have one. So Elder Ruiz and I got one for them, and we surprised them with it. They were super excited, and they gave us cookies and juice in return, so it was a good trade off, haha. I also helped them change a few lights in their house cause there wasn´t anyone who could reach them before hahaha. 

We started teaching a married couple with a 3 year old boy the other day and I'm really excited about them. The husband is actually a member and his parents are really active in the church. They told us they have been reading a little bit of the Book of Mormon again and go to church with his parents in Obregon every few weeks. He´s super cool and easy to talk to, which makes it really fun to teach him. The only thing is that they are kinda in a tough spot to teach cause the wife is very pregnant, and they are gonna have their baby any day now. But I feel like once the baby's born they´ll be even more inclined to listen and accept the gospel in their lives. Tonight we´re doing a family home evening with the Stake President, his family, and some friends of theirs who are interested in the church and I'm really excited for that. Having members being there to help investigators is such a huge help!!

So other than that I'm planning on enjoying this week and working hard, cause it might be my last one in Esperanza. We´re already on the last week of the transfers and I really don´t know what is gonna happen. In other news, I heard Kobe is retiring at the end of this season. Sad that I´ll never get to watch him play again, but all in all, it sounds like it´s time for it to happen. How is BYU football doing? I haven´t heard much about them recently. 

I like what you shared about get to instead of have to. It is very easy to talk about how we know what Christ can do for us, and the blessing we will receive by doing something, but we really show our faith and GET TO receive those blessings when we actively look for ways to live more like Him. This time of year is a great opportunity to remind of us things like that. Focus on what it means that Christ is our Savior and why it is important that we have a Savior. The church put out a really cool video on that. 

So that is a rundown of my week, business as usual. Finish out these last few weeks of school and the semester strong, and then get ready to recieve my call on Chirstmas, I'm super excited to talk to all of you guys!! I love you all, and am so glad to have your love in each email. Know that I'm praying and thinking of you guys every day. I love you all!!



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