Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015 - Week 22

Family, what´s happenin??

So another week back at this whole mission thing! So basically what I gathered from all of your emails is that this week is Thanksgiving, which is not celebrated in Mexico, but I was never a huge turkey fan, so it´s all good lol. Also everyone is back at home this week to celebrate, and it sounds like you´re all doing super good which is awesome. And shout out to my friends and HS for the state championship, that´s pretty sweet. Well, this week was pretty good to be honest, we´re seeing a ton of progress in the work and the weeks really do fly by! 

So some highlights of the week with the people we´re working with. One family is meeting with us almost every day and they love to hear about the gospel and all the things we teach them, which as you can imagine, makes our job a lot easier and more enjoyable. They´re really awesome. Reading the BoM and applying the principles of it in their lives and their testimonies grow by the day. They´re super stoked to be baptized and we are excited for them as well. We also have another family, who are also growing their faith by the day and very eager to learn more and more.

The other day we had an appointment with this lady, and when we arrived she told us that she was really busy and had to leave soon. So we started to head to another area and she called us back and was like, "Actually, I feel like I really need to hear you guys, I can make some time." So we taught her, and she loved it and told us she had questions about exactly what we taught her. It is a great example of her exercising faith and receiving blessings for doing so.

As a mission we are gonna be helping with this Christmas initiative that the church is doing. We have cards to give to the people with the church website on it and a link to the video about the birth of Christ, and what it means for us to have Him as a Savior. It´s a really well done video, and I'm excited about sharing it with people. You guys I'm sure will see it, so when you do, think of me inviting someone on the street to watch it lol. We had a meeting this week about it and I think it should be really coool. 

The weather here really is pretty perfect right about now. It is funny every day when I write in my journal I notice the date and am sooooo grateful that I can enjoy 80 degree weather  at the end of November haha. I can literally wear short sleeves shirts for my entire mission. Other than that my week has been pretty normal. I want to start eating more healthy, so today I bought a ton of vegetables and eggs and stuff to start that goal. Maybe when the weather goes back up to 120 degrees I can afford to eat a little bit more freely and sweat it all off, haha. I actually haven´t gained any weight since I left, so that´s good. Oh and you mentioned the senior couple in our ward and to answer your question, we have 3 senior couples in our mission, one that just arrived from Southern Cal. They´re really awesome, I always think of Gma and Gpa in Ukraine when I talk to them. 

So even though I won´t officially be celebrating Thanksgiving with turkey, and pie, and football, and family this year I still want to take time and let you all know how grateful I am for each and every one of you. Each of you has so many individual attributes that have brought me so much happiness, peace of mind, and comfort throughout every day of my life. I couldn´t have hand picked better parents, siblings, and grandparents. With that being said, I know that it had to have been a blessing from our Heavenly Father to place me in such a perfect situation for myself. I am eternally grateful for His knowledge, love, and support of each of His children. His plan for us, and His son and our Savior Jesus Christ. I read the part of Alma this week where he is giving his last piece of advice to his sons individually, and it really caught my attention that he continually told them that the Lord has told us if we keep His commandments, we will prosper in the land. I'm grateful for you guys who have always instilled the perfect plan of our Father, and were always there to support me as I inevitably stumbled over and over. All of us will need help, but we can always be grateful for an Eternal Father that will be there to help us as we stumble. We are blessed.  Always give thanks and keep the commandments of the Lord. Love you all

Elder Stockard

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