Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016 - Week 29


You are very correct, the weeks sure are flying by! It seems like each one goes by faster and it's hard to keep up with it all. I'm glad to hear you guys are easing back into the semester, I'm sure its easier that way. How's the weather out there? I got various reports of like negative 10 degree weather and I strongly considered staying here for the rest of my life to never have to experience that again. Lol.  I'm very content with my 70 degree weather. But we have started having a lot of wind here these past few days, reminds me a bit of Fallon. 

So anyways, this week went well for us. These past few weeks Elder Salazar and I had been able to find every person we wanted to, taught a ton of people, and it was really nice, but this week it went back to normal a little bit. People start going back to school and work, and we realized we were a little spoiled. Something interesting is that here in Topo, there are a tonnnn of people familiar with the USA because they all go to Louisiana to work for 6-8 months of the year. It's interesting haha cause everyone in Obregon has lived in AZ or California but here with all the fishing, they go to Louisiana. But we are preparing this lady named Frida for baptism, and right now shes scheduled to be baptized in 2 weeks. And if all goes well, there will be 3 other people who get baptized with her, which would be huge for this branch. There hasn't been any new members for over a year so we're working hard to change that. 

So for the big news of the week... I got to live an episode of The Blacklist in real life, kinda. The world's most wanted man was captured like 15 minutes from our house, and it's like the biggest news in the world here in Mochis and Topo haha. There was a tonnnnn of movement and it's what everyone is talking about but it was sure exciting. I immediately thought of Raymond Reddington surrendering himself on the pilot episode, lol. 

That's so awesome that you guys have such a great ward council and an ex mission prez and total stud like Rob Weed that can set up a killer ward mission plan. I don't know why I never realized it, but it honestly is so important. the missionary work in the ward. We each have a responsibility to learn, strive to perfect ourselves, and also to help others do so. It makes me happy to know that you guys are willing to help the missionaries in the Lord's work.... In doing so you will only help yourselves grow more! 

Mom, the closest place to buy a hymnal is in the temple in Hermosillo, like 4 hours from Obregon and 8 from Mochis. We can send money with the members to buy them, but I think it might be easier if you order one from the lds store online and have it sent to the mission home. It should be shipped from Mexico and arrive here soon. If you could do that that'd be a huge help!!! I am continuing to pray for you with your vision and I know it will get better soon... I can only imagine how hard it is, but keep your patience and it will all be good. I love you all soo much. Moroni 8:3, for all of my family! Keep killin it, I'll talk to y'all in a week. All love.

Elder Stockard

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