Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016 - Week 31


Yo what up world, how ya´ll been?? Haha no one told me Alyssa was going to prom, did she roll solo or did she go with someone?? The dress she made turned out great and she looked beautiful as well, and how embarrassing that she had her parents as chaperons lolol. I'm kidding, but it is kinda funny. I'm sure you and dad played it cool and went low key. It seems like this week was pretty chill for all you guys, nothing too grand that happened. Pretty fun that grandma and Steve´s family are gonna go to Florida this week, that should be  a sick trip. I have to clarify that, yes Ruiz is a common surname here in Mexico, but not THAT common. There are now only 2 Elder Ruiz in my mission, and my first comp is already home. So it really is funny that I've had all 3 of them as comps. 

So this week was super busy for us. We worked and worked and worked to find new people to teach. So we contacted a ton of people in the street, then searched for them, and started teaching them. That's pretty much how we find new people. We found this one family with 10 people that we´re now teaching. Well it´s like 3 families living together, but it´s one household. They´re super nice and have some kids that love to listen to us, so we´re really excited about that. At long last, we will be baptizing Osiris this Saturday and with a little luck, we will also baptize another investigator. Both of them have learned a lot and are making the final preparations to make that holy covenant with God and we´re excited for them. 

One of the highlights of my week was that we finally received the general conference edition of October´s conference. We get them in English and in Spanish but I love reading them in English because I can hear the voices of the apostles in my head as I read them. General Conf was something I definitely took for granted in my life but it really is such a blessing to have those inspired men leading our church. The work of the Lord really never ceases to amaze me. Dad will be happy to know that I'm not stopping to work hard on the language even though I am at the point where I can easily communicate. Each day for language study I think of words in English that are kinda random or uncommon and find the definition in Spanish. It amazes me that there are so many words that we know perfectly, but hardly ever use in a normal context. But it´s fun and I want to have a really big Spanish vocabulary. In one of the more random exchanges of my life, I found this huge American from LA walking around the street here in topo and he very desperately asked me if I knew any English, and I told him I was from the USA. He somehow arrived in Los Mochis on accident and in his efforts to return to the United States, only managed to distance himself more from his home and arrived in Topolobampo. But to his delightful surprise, he likes Topo and so he decided to stay awhile. Occasionally I see him in the street or in a store and he always asks me to translate for him, and that's kind of fun as well lol.

Mom, the FHEs we do preferably consist of a family of members, an investigator, some sort of short game or video and a quick message that we can relate to the activity. We have made cards to play taboo with church related stuff, we can watch Meet the Mormons or another church video, and sometimes we do it with less active families as well. It makes me at long last appreciate the FHEs we did every Monday night without fail :) 

It is super great to hear from you all and the time sure is marching on. Thank you all for your words, emails, encouragement and support. I will continue praying for y'all like always and I can't wait to hear how this week goes for everybody. 

Love you all so much, 


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