Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, February 22, 2016

February 8, 2016 - Week 33


Heyyyy whats up yall. So the snow keeps going there in Nevada, huh? It's funny because everyone asks me where I'm from, I tell them "Nevada" (which means 'snowy' in Spanish) and then they always follow up with asking me if I've ever seen snow and I can tell them about the weather updates from over there lol. So how was the week for everyone? Seems like it was pretty low key with the highlight being the Superbowl haha. We had a good week here, just with a lot less snow!

So to answer your question, it's still a little too early to tell but we keep visiting the converts and they're both doing good. We started teaching this man named Miguel this week, as well as another family. Miguel is a reference from a member and he is super nice and really likes reading the Book of Mormon. He came all the way to Los Mochis with us for a stake conference and there we heard an Area 70 deliver a very powerful message, and I was super glad to have him there to hear it. Vanessa also came, she's a girl whose family is less active but they're reactivating, and she's gonna get baptized this weekend, if all goes well! 

This weekend and week are kinda tough to find people because there's this week-long celebration here in Topo called Carnaval. It basically includes a tonnnnn of food, people, shows, celebrations, and drinking. There are fireworks every night and it's all really cool to see, but from a missionary's perspcetive its hard because starting at like 6:00 PM it's kinda impossible to find people in their houses. But it's ending this week so it's all good. 

On Saturday at the stake conference as I was leaving, someone came up to me super super excited and asked me if I had a brother who served in Tampico, and then told me that they served together. It was really cool for a couple reasons, one of which is that it was fun to hear some short stories about Tommy's mish, and make some connections in that aspect. It was also cool to see how big of an impact that Tommy had obviously made with this RM and see his example. And also to have a little connection to those who I love most. Funny to reflect and think that 2 years ago Tommy and this guy were on the other side of Mexico together as missionaries, and now he and I are together here in Los Mochis.

Mom, I'm glad to see your humility in this whole situation with your eyes. 99% (if not more) of your life is devoted to helping others and seeing to others needs, and its a special experience for us, as your family, to be able all rally together and use the powerful tool that God gives us and fast for you. It was a really special opportunity and I was glad to be able to have you on my mind and know that many others, including our Heavenly Father had you in their thoughts this weekend. Well, thank you all for the updates. And huge shout out to Jacob for his mission call! I wish I could say I knew where Armenia was, but I do not. He'll be a great missionary and member of God's army in this special calling. I love you all, thanks for writing me! Until next Monday. All love.



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