Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, February 27, 2017

February 27, 2017 - Week 88


Hey fam, what´s goin' on?? I always laugh cause I can never keep track of when you guys are in Utah and when you're in Nevada. But I guess the majority of the family now lives in Utah, so it makes sense why you guys spend more time up there than here. Grandma sent me a picture of all the snow that you guys got in Fallon, and it's so crazy how it brings me back to the countless snowy days in Fallon that I had throughout my time there! Its been 3 years since I've lived in Fallon in the winter but it still feels like yesterday.

Here in Guamuchil we´re currently in the middle of a 5 day celebration called Carnival. Which is the Guamuchil-equivalent of Mardi Gras. Obviously, much much less chaotic, but it's still pretty big news in the city. Some of the biggest artists from Mexico come here and perform and all the people here get pretty pumped for it. We obviously cannot go, but it's been interesting to see the buzz about it. This week was still really good though.

We found a woman to teach who also has 2 daughters. They have a very good orientation with the things that a good person should do, but still have yet to find if there´s something more that God wants of His children. We told them that we would gladly help them to find out! We´re in a similar situation with another lady. She has great questions and really sincere desire to know the truth, but has been receiving heavy opposition from her loved ones. All of them should have very great conversions.  We feel good about all of them, as well as the others we are teaching who all continue to progress well.

Today for Pday, we got together with Elder Christensen and Elder Hale, and ordered some pizza, made root beer floats, and played card and dice games. We had to go through a little bit of searching to find root beer and dice but we got it all. It was a lot of fun, and I learned some great new games that I'll have to teach you guys when I get home!! Mom, I was also thinking that something that might be fun to do as a family when I get back would be doing a huge puzzle together. I remember doing that on a few occasions and it was a lot of fun and a great time to catch up!! I thought of that randomly the other day, so I wanted to tell you before I forget haha.

This week we also had interviews with President Myers, and a special zone meeting with him. I can't tell you guys how big of a help he and Sister Myers have been to me, and really to the whole mission. I'm sure they were sent here to change and impact the lives of many people, they have such a special and fun spirit about them!! We're super blessed to have them here.

Big congrats to Adrienne and Matt on the new baby!! Teddy has 2 cousins in the Ciudad Obregon mission that will be anxiously waiting to meet him lol.

Well, I hope everything is swell with you guys!! It makes me so happy to hear from you, I love you all. Have a great week. 
Lots of love,


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