Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017 - Week 89


Wow big news with the BYU acceptances!! Congrats to all who got in. What an exciting time!! I mentioned to Alyssa that Fall 2017 is really creeping up on us, it will be such a blast to be up there with all of the siblings, and so many cousins! So yeah, big congrats to all of them, I'm really happy for them. That's awesome that you guys got to have some time with Lauren free of any of the added stress of studying. 

So will Grandma and Grandpa be coming home for both Colin and Jerry´s weddings? That'll be really fun for you to go back home. When was the last time you were there? I can testify of that, after spending so much time away from home, it's true that there is no place like home, haha. But things here are moving right along... Every few months I look back and reflect on the ways that I've improved or how things have changed in my mission.. I realize that one never stops learning. Many times it feels like I've finally got everything figured out and then I realize that there's still so much to learn, haha. The key is to just always be looking for ways to be taught and to learn, and it will come!!

Here we are working with people who are continuing to progress very well.. We should have 2 people baptized right at the beginning of April or the end of March. We had a cool experience on Saturday...Our investigators study out of town, so we only get to see them on the weekends, but we went to their house on Saturday to set up an appointment for the night time, and we ran into the man's sister in law. We talked to her for a bit and she told us that she would actually be really interested in going to church too, mostly so that her kids can have a good base. It is cool because she's been seeing the changes with her in-laws and subconsciously wants the same for her own family. I am thankful because both Elder Beecher and I were able to testify to her that the faithful example of loving parents really can have an infinite impact on the lives of the children, because we were both fortunate enough to have benefited from such examples in our lives. 

Other than that, we are also working with a part member family that recently lost a family member, and have had some bad experiences with other members of the ward in years past, but they are opening up to the idea of going back to church. This week they told us they were going to go, but at the last moment had to cancel. They treat us super well, and are always willing to help us and they really get us rolling on the ground with laughter haha. So I really do hope the best for them and am excited to see their return to the church. 

All is very well here.... We have a guaranteed 2 more weeks left here in Guamuchil, and I wanna live up every second of it! I really do love it here. Oh and thanks for getting everything lined up with the apartment... I'm relieved to have everything all but finalized so really, thank you for doing that. It's so nice to know that everything is great back at home and that you all are well. I'm excited to hear about all of your lives! I love you all and feel very blessed to be apart of this amazing family!

Have a great week, all love!!


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