Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016 - Week 42


Mom, first off I wanna tell you that you guys are loved, and you never have to worry about making your letters too long, I enjoy and cherish every word that you guys have to write to me, whether it be 2 words or 1000 I love hearing from you all. I'm glad you guys are studying the talks from General Conference, it really is modern day scripture. I loved the Pres Monson analogy of the Cheshire cat and how are decisions depend on where we want to go. All of us know where we want to go, and we´re blessed to be able to choose the good path. But wow, this week was super crazy!! We had two baptisms and saw a complete miracle. Really sweet how the Lord works through us to accomplish his work!

So on Thursday we went to a lunch meeting with a member, but she wasn't there, so we were walking around with nothing to eat and really hungry. So we went to teach a member with hopes she would have something to eat, haha, and during the lesson she had a few grandchildren there who were all visiting from Tijuana and had been really engaged in the lesson. Then she casually mentioned how one of her grandchildren, hadn't ever been baptized. He was going back to Tijuana early the next morning, but was there a few extra days, and she asked if he could get baptized. It was like 4:00 PM, we had to get permission from Pres Munive, get an interview, go to Los Mochis, and it seemed like it was so unrealistic, but by some miracle everything worked out and we baptized him. He's 11 years old and had been telling his mom in Tijuana that he felt like he was going to get baptized in Topo and how he wanted to go to the new temple in Tijuana. It was really amazing how everything worked out and humbling to be apart of such an experience. 

On Saturday we baptized Maria, who is kind of a local star in Topo. She is known by everyone here because she has a huge store. Everyone was eager to attend her baptism, and I got to baptize her which was cool.

The work is going really well. Each week we´re seeing an increase in less active members attending church and other investigators who are progressing. It's super awesome. We are working with this one man named Jesus, who is super cool, he's about 60 years old, and he was baptized many years ago but never was confirmed. He came to church with us this week and were hoping to be able to complete his membership in the church soon. 

Today, with it being Pday, Elder Vaca and I had someone give us a ton of fish, so we decided to play around and see what we could do with it. We fried it and made rice and cut up some vegetables and made a few killer tacos, and we both learned that we can in fact cook something edible. We both want to keep learning little by little how to cook, but it was pretty fun and we had a whole day to do it. 

So Lauren and Tyler are considering Dallas TX?? Another area that I was only in for a couple of days, but I really really liked the feel and style there. Pretty crazy how fast time is going, Tommy is already going to graduate, and this time last year I was moving out of the dorms and going to Lauren's graduation!! Really crazy. Also, we´re gonna have to buy a apartment or a house in So Cal if Steve is moving to Utah, lol. Well I wanna thank you all for the letters (yes, I received the package and waiting to try the watermelon chapstick)  and support. I love you all and can't wait to talk in one more week, who knows where I'll be!! I love you!!!


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