Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, April 4, 2016

March 21, 2016 - Week 39


     So another week down huh? How`ve you all been. Well, it sounds like you're moving along well and that things are going really well for you all. Mom, I'm glad to hear that you continue to see progress and that you're going to go see the Birdshot disease specialist in SLC. I'm confident that that will help you a lot with your eyes. It sounds like it will be a party in the fall of 2017 in Utah, let´s see if you and dad will be able to resist moving to BYU, haha. That's super exciting news that everything is taking form with Lauren and Tyler and that they´re gonna be going to Utah. Are you guys going to be in Utah for Easter and try to hit up GC live? I think it´s so cool that conference falls on Easter and I'm superrrr excited to watch it once again in a couple weeks!

     So this week was really good but ended with a super big surprise that was completely unexpected. President Munive called us last night really late and told us that there needed to be emergency transfer with some other missionaries and that my companion was going to have to leave so today I got a change in companions. My new companion is Elder Vaca. He arrived in the mission with me and I'm excited to spend this time with him, he`s a really good missionary. I was a little sad to leave Elder Ruiz but the Lord always has a better plan than us. So today we went to drop him off and I picked up Elder Vaca. We´re excited to work together and want to make the most of it. 

   On Saturday we had Raul´s baptism in Los Mochis and it was cool because he was super excited the whole day. The baptismal service went really well and I got to confirm him on Sunday as a member. It´s always good to see another baptism because it´s such a big step. Now we´re working with some of the recent converts that we have here to be able to go to the temple soon. We started teaching Roman this week, and we scheduled his baptism for next month and he´s also really excited. It should go good I think, he´s super cool and his mom is a member too. He´s 12 years old and really excited to learn. I also went to Los Mochis during the week to work with Elder Miller again. We had some super cool experiences and talked about how cool it will be to have memories like teaching families in Mexico together when we´re both back at BYU in a few years. 

   That´s cool that you guys could go to Schurz and speak there. I realize now how necessary it is to support the other branches and people who need that sort of support in the church. I'm glad to see that You guys are using your strengths and abilities to strengthen and serve others. I have a new appreciation for members who support where it´s needed haha. You guys are awesome examples and I'm glad that I can look back and have fond memories of having the missionaries over to teach others in our house. Ya´ll are seriously the best haha. I'm glad everything is going well with you back at the crib, and that I can tell you that I'm honestly loving the mission and see many blessings from having a faithful, loving family back at home. Love you all and we´ll talk more in a week!

Elder Stockard

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