Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
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Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016 - Week 41

Dear Family,

What's up family?? So how did you guys like the general conference? I think my favorites were from Elder Christoffersen, and from Elder Renlund and from Elder Duncan. All of those men are super super guided men and they really are here to help us. I think Tommy said it best when he said that as a missionary, General Conference weekend is like the Super Bowl. It was awesome and I hope you guys had a great experience as well. To clarify Mom, I knew that Easter was coming up but I wasn't sure if it was the following week or not, haha. But as it turns out, it came and went without much noise here. The holiday is super super Catholic here so instead of being focused on the Easter bunny and candy, its more Ash Wednesday and 40 days and things like that.

 Haha but anyways, so cool that you guys enjoyed Arizona, I honestly really really liked Arizona as well. As a matter of fact, it´s funny that you mentioned how cool the Gilbert temple is because the other day before the conference session started, my comp and I were commenting about how sick the temples in Arizona are. We watched the conference in the church in Topo, and I watched it on a computer in English haha. I enjoy it in English because I can hear their voices. We had 7 investigators who went to conference this weekend, 3 of which should be getting baptized this Saturday if all goes well. Lizbeth, Maria and Oscar. Lizbeth was awesome because we found her this week and she had been reading the BoM and had gone to church earlier this year and told us that she wants to be baptized and knows it´s true. Really a miracle and she's an awesome person. 

 Raul, the man who we baptized like 2 weeks ago, was the only member who went to every one of the sessions. Every Sunday he pays his humble tithing, he stopped drinking coffee and beer after being taught about the Word of Wisdom.  We do service projects and he´s the only one of the members who shows up to do service. Raul is, to me, an example to me of a true disciple of Christ. He´s the first one who shows up to the church, with his white shirt that he bought and that he irons to try and be more acceptable for the Savior, he's always helping the other members. It reminds me that the Lord never put a requirement that we need to be the richest, the smartest, the best looking, or the most popular. But talking with Raul, one finds out how big of a blessing repentance and a new faith in Jesus Christ has been. Christ asks us to obey his commandments, and I don't know this, but I imagine that when Raul meets the Lord, the Lord will thank Raul for being his disciple. 

So yesterday while Elder Vaca and I were going to visit a less active family of 3 super old people, the were trying to grind like 15 pounds of corn with a hand grinder to make tamales for their grandson´s birthday. So Elder Vaca and I put on some aprons, stripped like 100 husks of corn, then ground the kernels while teaching them a lesson about prophets. It was a super cool experience to do something that was really useful with our time like stumbling into service opportunities. I hope that we can work to serve and more than anything work to be true disciples of Christ with charity. 

I love you all and I'm so glad you guys had a great week!! Keep staying busy and know you're always in my thoughts and prayers!!



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