Elder Stockard

Elder Stockard
Mexico Cuidad Obregon Mission

Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016 - Week 43


Greetings family!! I'm writing you this letter from.... Obregon! I'm now in a ward in Obregon and I just arrived here. The ward is called Pioneros, and its the biggest one in the mission and it's actually really really close to my 2nd area in Esperanza so I'm super excited about that! My companion is new in the mission he has about 3 months. His name is Elder Alvarenga and he's from El Salvador, I told him he was my first foreign companion haha. But I'm really excited to be here in Pioneros and working with Elder Alvarenga. Yesterday I said my final goodbyes to those that I will miss in Topolobampo and headed here to Obregon, exciting huh?!

So I feel like everything else that I tell you guys is gonna be overshadowed by the change of companions and areas, so I'll only share the coolest parts. There's a family that lives in Topo that was kinda less active and live in a small town outside of Topo. The husband had been working in the sea for a long time and didn't go to church because he worked. But recently we´ve been going out there and inviting them and little by little, they've started coming and finding lots of time to go to church, and they love to help the missionaries as well. This last Sunday they brought one of our investigators, Hector with them and they came as a family to church and the dad is going to receive a calling soon. Part of missionary work is less active members, and the members can help them just by being their friends!!

Other than that it was a pretty normal week. Elder Vaca and I were suspecting a transfer, and so Saturday night we bought tacos and cookies and watched Meet the Mormons to celebrate our last night together as companions. I'll forever be thankful to be able to make such great friends on the mission that will last for a long time. Both my companions, the other people who we´ve taught will always be really great parts of the mission and I look forward to be able to meet many new people here in Obregon.

So I'm glad to know that the doctor has a solid plan for your eyes. It sure seems rare this disease, but how convenient that 2 of the 5 doctors live in SLC. There's no doubt that the Lord has blessed us through this time with your eyes. But that's super exciting news that Lauren and Tyler decided on University of Utah. I just want to know, what are we gonna do with all their possession in the house now that they won't be accepted in the family?? Haha I'm kidding, honestly that's super cool and in a year and a half all of us will be up in Utah, which is pretty cool. It's so cool that Tommy is gonna graduate this weekend too. He really has worked hard to be able to get to where hes gotten and I speak for all the family when I say I'm super proud of him. Save me a taco or 2 in the fiesta that you're gonna have this weekend!!

Well family its always so great to hear from you all. Its so crazy that in like 2 weeks we´re gonna be talking face to face right over the phone on skype. You'll have to let me know where everyone's gonna be and how we´ll best be able to set that up but I'm excited and so weird that its almost Mother's Day. (May 10 here in Mexico). Anyways, I love you all so much and keep you in my prayers. Until next week.

Love you all,


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